Most Annoying Forum Member of 2015

Each year we deal with several thousand members, most of whom are rational balanced people who can articulate whatever they are trying to say in sentences that either make sense – or they communicate in a way that gets their point across. But that said, there are those who are challenged by words and sentences. Some have a tough time engaging their brain cells before speaking…or writing.

The Most Annoying Forum Member award is reserved for these members – those who are just plain annoying.

kevinhopf is this year’s recipient of this honor. He started posting about his problem (concerning not being paid a progressive win at Royal Vegas) in the wrong thread. He had hijacked a thread about Top Game Casinos with his problem.

Beside not following the advice from other members, he continued posting at a rapid rate (to include posting his email address) – at least twenty postings to include full chat sessions, terms and conditions of the casino in question, and regulations from the Malta Gaming Authority. All the while ignoring the forum rules that explicitly explain how to post complaints. He rejected the advice from members – and bid adieu to common sense and courtesy.

The moderators were notified about his posts and we cleaned up the mess that he had made. The posts were moved to his own thread: kevinhopf vs Royal Vegas. I also contacted the casino rep, Fortune Lounge, who looked into this immediately.

What had happened was the following: the player had won a $35,000 progressive, and during the cash out phase, he did not send in his ID docs that are required by the casino. So the funds were transferred from the payout queue and placed back into his account. Prior to this, the player was able to cash out $5000 before it was flagged.

Here was the player’s reply.

“I have a casino rep clearly stating I had second 5000 dollar payment coming as per the 5000 per week rule I even request why I could not withdraw the 5000 any they stated to me that was because it was already sent so even going by this 5000 per week the least I was to receive was 5000 but yet according to the casino this was incorrect and this information was not known till the 23rd ..So what does this mean ? as I understand it the reps did not know what money was processed and not processed in regards to the amount of money had and neither did I according to them because according to my casino account all my money had already been withdrawn and was all ready processed. It was that I was in Dream Casino Land as all my money in my casino account under withdrawal said it was already PROCESSED yet I had A BUNCH OF MONEY FOCABLY REVERSED and the reps would not let me withdraw it even on the second week as per the 5000 per week rule. Now I thought all casino were scams because the casino I was dealing with had a good reputation now if that was the case everything became surreal as nothing was making sense or matching with my account withdrawals and money from no where was being put into my account. I was already paid 5000 and there was no amount shown as processed in my account as I didn’t even have conformation on the payout being processed and I felt I was just lucky to even get that and also I new I still had another 5000 coming according to the casino reps, but I was not holding my breath. I had most of the conversations and screen shots just encase it turned out these online casinos were legit. It was just the other day I started to realise that the online casino might be legit and that the progressives came from microgaming and that there might be some legit online casinos. But such would only be true if this complaint actually gets resolved as everyone knows the whole story now.”

After reading that, I was ready to defenestrate my computer.

And he kept going on and on. He was told that the only ones that would possibly be willing to look into this would either be eCOGRA or the MGA. Regardless, it was he who played back his winnings. He didn’t want to hear it and kept going on. The thread was finally closed with the overall consensus from the membership that he erred by playing his funds back. No one forced him to do it. It was unfortunate, but that was the way it was.

He then started another thread entitled: Does ‘the gamble’ or ‘the play’ override the terms and conditions? which was a continuation of his complaint thread in disguise. He didn’t want to hear again that we felt he was in the wrong. So that thread was closed.

He then started another: Do casinos abuse the accredited status?. Again, another diatribe – and it was then that we decided that he wasn’t listening to us, nor was he following any of our forum policies and posting rules. My parting comment:

“Hi Kevin,

You’ve overstayed your welcome. You have sent me pages of PMs that I just do not have the time to deal with since there are other projects that need my attention. Everything has been explained to you. Quit blaming other people for your mistakes. Good luck elsewhere with this.

Adios and happy trails.”

And that was that for that. And I hope his trails are happy – and that he is not as annoying in real life as he appeared in our forum.

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