Best Casino Representative of the Year 2015

This is a real tough one since we have quite a few representatives that go above the normal call of duty – answering questions, dealing with complaints, solving problems, and putting up with the occasional abuse from bad losers. With reps like Betat, Gia-GoWild, AndyB-MrGreen, CasinoBen, Igor82, and others in their league, it’s really tough to make a decision. They all deserve praise – especially with some of the BS they have to put up with.

Mark_32Red, 32Red Plc’s casino rep is the Best Casino Representative of the year. He’s been a member since May 2008, has over a thousand posts, and has been thanked nearly 3000 Times in more than half of those posts. He can not only put out fires, but he enjoys bantering with the community at large, and in effect makes our community a better place.

Representing the Best Casino Group for a few years, plus the lauded 32Red, he does well under pressure when these properties are criticized. He can roll with the punches and comes out relatively unscathed and all the merrier. Cheerio.

He has posted a number of well thought out and popular exclusive promotions in our forum, and he deserves the praise he receives from scores of our members. Great job Mark! Keep up the good work.

Casino Representative Achievement Award

This is an award given to those casino representatives that have stuck it out through the thick and thin – and for a long time. Hats off to Wim, FortuneLounge, the operations manager for the Fortune Lounge Group who has been an outstanding representative for his group of casinos since 2003.

Wim has seen it all. He has encountered just about every type of complaint, fraudster, nutcase, and criticism over the past 13 years. And he has also received countless praises as well. He has been chuffed when the Fortune Lounge did well (awarded Best Casino Group of 2003), and he has had his share of face-palms when the FL group was removed two or three times from the accredited section for various screwups.

One thing for sure, he can always be depended on to do the right thing, and he has been instrumental in keeping the Fortune Lounge casinos in line. He is by far one of the best casino reps, and he seriously is due an achievement award.

Good going Wim!