“Truly magnificent player experiences at Rizk”

bestplayer2016The difference between the Best Gaming Experience and Best Player Experience is that the player experience is something that specifically happened. This year we have two events that were made possible by Rizk Casino.

The first event was in April 2016 when Rizk casino invited one of our lucky members to join them in Malta, tour their offices, and have a few lovely meals together. They invited Nikantw and his brother – who incidently had never traveled abroad – to Malta, put them up in a five star hotel. I met them there, and asked them if they had had the chance to visit the ruins in Gozo (or any other cool historical sites), and they were just satisfied on hanging out at the amazing hotel we were at. And it’s true, the hotel as marvelous – awesome spa and pool.

But this experience was not only these good times – making lifelong memories – but inviting a player to enter the casino offices to witness the day-to-day happenings, and to get a sense of how a real online casino functions. The entire trip is covered here: Rizk Casino Visit…An online casino gem.

And coincidently during this time, another one of our members won a trip to Brazil .
Once of the most surprising things happened to amourgirl, a senior member of our forum and a Meister Member to boot. Here is what happened:

“About a year ago, I joined a new casino that was rated highly here. On joining up I automatically received a raffle ticket to a prize draw to win a Holiday to RIO for the 2016 Olympic games. This included flights, accommodation, and tickets to the olympic games.

To be honest I take prize draws with a pinch of salt, it wasn’t why I signed up and I certainly never gave it a seconds thought after signing up. Imagine my surprise one cold day in January when I received a call from TIM at RIZK to inform me that I had won 1st prize. Yay I thought…. Free spins. But no…. I was shocked to say the least and a little bit speechless to discover that the 1st prize was a once in a lifetime trip to the Olympic games in RIO De Janeiro, Brazil.

Together and for the next 7 months, Tim and his colleague Jussi kept me fully updated and informed on all aspects of the trip. As you can imagine as time went on the trip just seemed like a distant dream but Tim & Jussi went out of their way to reassure me.

If I am honest I don’t think I truly believed it until I was sat on that plane on my way to Brazil.

This casino was true to their word. They hadn’t picked me because I had spent the most – or even lost the most, I was a brand new customer. They gave me what I can only call the holiday of a lifetime.

If you ever are reluctant to sign up with a casino because you are unsure of their intentions or how well you will be looked after, let me assure you, your money and your loyalty couldn’t be safer anywhere else than with RIZK casino .

You will receive nothing less than a truly dedicated, friendly, trustworthy and rewarding service than the service you will receive from Rizk casino and their staff.”

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