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7 September 2006

Partners agree to call it a day on disappointing business

Online casino players and affiliates alike were receiving bad news from the one year old Hammer's Casino this week as the partnership between Imperial E-Club and the West Ham United football club decided to call it a day after disappointing business results.

The closure is being effected amicably, with a seamless transfer of players accounts over to the Vegas Red online casino. The heavily customised West Ham United online casino site is to be closed, and the HammersCasino domain will go into escrow for several years in terms of the original agreement between the parties.

Affiliates will notice little in the way of change as their rewards will be carried over to Vegas Red and the same tracking references will apply.

To ensure a smooth transition, visitors clicking on Hammers will be automatically routed to Vegas Red. 24 hour Support teams will be available to deal with any enquiries or problems.

InfoPowa sources said that the deal between Imperial E and West Ham just didn't deliver the right numbers from the football fan side despite a concerted marketing effort. There is apparently an element of sports/football fans being more sports betting oriented and that may have had an influence too. The football club started doing a little better on the field in the months following the initial deal, so that may have made for a more demanding partner, too.

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