Word From The Meister: Take off to las Vegas – G2E, Casinomeister.us Relaunched and more

Well, it’s that time of year again where I take off for Las Vegas and the G2E. It just occurred to me yesterday that this will make 17 years of G2Es and Vegas trips. Wow. I am really looking forward to this trip and hoping that I can discover something of interest there for you, my dearest reader.

I’ve been reading Addiction by Design – a fascinating read by Natasha Dow Schüll where she discusses the way that casinos and game developers design their products to make the most profit. It is pretty intriguing – and she has really done her research. It’s a must read for both casino operator and player in my opinion. Check it out.

Speaking of the US – Casinomeister.us is now being relaunched. We have moved it over to a more user friendly – mobile accessible platform. And yes, we have big plans for that site. There is online casino news – offline casino news, information regarding each state, and really anything pertaining to the online casino industry in the states. We also have several sponsors for the site: seven Atlantic City casinos. If you are in the state of New Jersey, you are in luck. So in essence, you should check out the site if you are in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Other than that, have a wonderful weekend and be cool.