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Over the years, Casinomeister's infamous and sometimes coveted "Rogue Section" has spawned into a number of categories - each with it's own level of roguish attributes. There is the most serious level of being a straight out "rogue" operation that is clearly a rip off joint to the lesser "Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence" and "Stupid Casino Tricks".

Nevertheless, it doesn't matter whether these operations are just plain sloppy or have intentions to cheat - the operations listed within these confines need to be scrutinized by the careful and diligent player. Proceed with caution, and at times - trepidation.

Casino Warnings
Rogue Casinos
Not Recommended Casinos
Rogue Affiliate Programs
Evil Software Providers
Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence
Fake Watchdog Sites
Evil webmasters
Dungeon of Evil
On Probation

Casino Warnings

These are the Casino Warnings that are posted in our forum by either me or Max Drayman our "Pitch a Bitch and complaints manager. These usually precede rogue listings so this is something you should be paying attention to.

14 May 2014
Warning: Casino JetBoo : excuses + BS = unpaid winnings. A couple months ago a player came to us reporting that this casino was dicking him around over (roughly) $1000 winnings. He requested withdrawal but nothing happened. He compained and they said "so sorry" and promised to send it in payments. The first payment came -- an amount just short of his original deposits -- but nothing after that. He complained again and they said "you're under investigation". More stalling, another complaint and new excuses: software errors or some other BS. Bottom line is that the player never got paid and the casino won't respond to him regarding the problem. He came to us and they did nothing, no reply nor acknowledgement.

WARNING: Casino JetBoo ( is pulling all the classic Rogue tricks -- stalling, BS excuses and bogus claims against the player -- to avoid paying winnings. Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino.

Additional note: they have been taken over by JetBull. Player warning is still in effect.

More about this here.
29 April 2014
Warning: Gold Luck not responding to player issues. A relatively recent PAB was presented to the casino several times over the past few months but they have not responded in any way.

Players need to be aware that if they run into difficulties with Gold Luck there is probably very little that can be done, the player is pretty much at the casino's mercy and that is not a good position to be in: proceed with extreme caution.

More about this here.
18 November 2013
Warning: E-casino365 ( has serious money management issues and is blaming non-payment on their processors. They refuse to take responsibility and are simply leaving players unpaid. Players are advised to avoid E-casino365 until there is reason to believe they've managed to get their heads out of the "no sunshine" place and deal with player payment issues responsibly.

More about this here.
31st October 2013
Warning: BetSpace: officially no-pay on player winnings. At this time it appears the casino is simply refusing to pay player winnings. All that's being offered is that the most recent deposit will be returned but even that has not yet been confirmed. Until there is proof that all legitimate player winnings have been paid players are advised to avoid this casino WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE, if and when the casino comes back on line.

More about this here.
5th November 2013
WARNING: AceLive ( aggressively confiscating player winnings for "bonus abuse" without evidence or justification. They are stalling and fumbling on player issues, effectively refusing to take player complaints seriously. The end result is that they simply ignore the complaints and arbitrarily refuse to pay players. Players are advised to avoid AceLive Casino.

More about this here. And featured in Casinomeister's Halloween Special.
17th October 2013
WARNING: Parasino (,, is not paying players. Casino refuses to respond to player complaints and all attempts at further communications are rejected. Players are strongly advised to avoid this casino.

More about this here. And featured in Casinomeister's Halloween Special.
1st July 2013
Warning: Landmark Bingo is cancelling player withdrawals without justification and ignores player complaints. Players are advised to avoid Landmark Bingo until they prove they are no longer mishandling player monies and issues.

More about this here.
6th June 2013
Warning: BetMotion is confiscating player winnings without explanation and refuses to discuss player compaints. Players are advised to proceed with extreme caution.

More about this here.
Rogue Casinos
"Rogue": an unprincipled person, a scoundrel, a rascal, an undesirable deviation from a standard. The Rogue Casino list is a bit more serious than simply not being recommended. Most of these casinos are guilty of gross customer negligence bordering on the criminal. Some of these casinos have disappeared leaving their players empty handed and downright disgusted with the industry as a whole.

CasinoSoftware ProviderLicensing JurisdictionReason
African Palace CasinoPlaytechNetherlands AntillesSlow Payments
Atlantic Vegas CasinoU.N.Known Ltd.Spoonville, Planet EarthBogus License Claim
AztecasinoTop GameMars maybeBogus License Claim
Backgammon MastersLucky SkillNowheresvilleHidden Terms, No Response
Balzac CasinoRivalCuracaoNo pay - bad casino practice
BetfairPlaytechMaltaBad casino practice
BethedealerProprietaryCuraçaoSlow pay - no pay
BetportVariousCuraçaoConfiscating winnings - closing accounts - no response
Bigtime Revenue Affiliates

ParleyThe MoonAffiliate program closing - no pay
CasinostatesTop GamePluto?Bogus License Claim
Class1casinoPlaytech CuracaoConfiscation of winnings - No Response
Cyber-bets.comUnknown UnknownFake Gaming Certificate
DollaroPokerUnknownCowboy TownConfiscation of 100,000
Eldorado PalaceConnectiveGames.comSomewhere over the rainbowconfiscated winnings, unresponsive CS
Europlay-MaltaUnknownUnder a rockNo Pay, No Customer Service
Games4moneyunknownCosta Ricanon-payment/threaten player
Golden Casino.comVegas Technology, Inc.CuracaoUnresponsive to player complaints - stupid name
GoldVIPclubRTGCowboy TownBlack Hat SEO recruiters - spam dweebs
iButlerCasino36gaming.comMalta LGAUnethical Business Practice
Indio CasinoPlaytechNetherlands AntillesSlow Payments
JackpotsheavenSalus TechnologiesCowboy TownUnethical Business Practice
JSSport Casino and Sports Book Who KnowsCuracaoBad Casino practice
LasCasinoVegas B3W GraphicsNowheres-villeShills and spammers - deceptive marketing practices
Legends SportsBLR Technologies PanamaCrooked Software
Liberty Bell CasinoRTG CuraçaoDirectly connected to the Rushmore Group
LondonscasinoCWCCosta RicaNon Payment - angry cashier
LovelottoVaiourCuraçaoSister site of rogue Betport - operating with suspended license
Lucky 18RTGSpoonvilleToo many complaints
Mighty SlotsRTG Cracker Jack BoxNo Pay - no response - spammers
Oceans Online CasinoGFed MonkeyvilleNo Pay - no response
Oddsmaker.comFuturebetMoonbase AlphaNon-payment, no response
Orangegamez CasinoRivalNetherlands AntillesNo pay - no response
Planet KingsPlaytechCowboytownWorst casino of the year 2013
Playtech Casinos with Progressive Limitations
7Regal Casino -
21Nova -
50Stars Casino -
African Palace Casino -
Bwin -
Carnival Casino -
Casino Bellini -
Casino Del Rio -
Casino Las Vegas -
Casino King -
Casino Tropez -
City Club Casino -
City Tower Casino -
Club Dice Casino -
Crown Europe Casino -
Euro Grand Casino -
Euro Max Play -
Europa Casino -
Europlay Casino -
Giant Vegas - - Doubly Rogued
Grand Reef Casino -
Indio Casino -
Jackpot247 - (£20,000 per month)
Joyland Casino -
La Isla Online Casino -
Magic Box Casino -
Majestic Comet Casino -
Noble Casino - -
Palace VIP Casino -
Party Casino -
Planet Kings - - Doubly Rogued
Prestige Casino -
Prime Casino -
Royal Dice - - Doubly Rogued
Sierra Star Casino - - Doubly Rogued
Sky Kings Casino -
Super Casino - (£20,000 per month)
Swiss Casino -
Titan Casino -
Vegas Red -
Vernons Casino -
Winner Casino -
PlaytechVariousRogue predatory term
Plum GamingNetEntMaltaNo pay - no response
PrimeslotsCryptoLogic, NetEnt, and NeoGamesMaltaDodgy casino practice
Revenue Jet Casinos
OnBling Casino
Grand Parker Casino
Loco Panda Casino
Classy Coin Casino
Ruby Royal Casino
RTGSpoonvilleDirectly connected to Winpalace Group and featured as Worst Casino Group 2014
Rushmore Casinos
Rushmore Casino
Slot Oasis
Cherry Red Casino
Pure Vegas Casino
Euro City Casino
RTGWhereverConstant payment issues
Sierra Star Casino
Sierra Star Casino
Royal Dice Casino
Giant Vegas Casino
Nuts Poker
PlaytechCuraçaoNo pay - no response
Slots AlleyCasinovaNowheresvilleUnethical Business Practice
SlotsLuvRTG NoneSister Casino to Mighty Slots
Smartlive Casino Proprietary UK?No Pay - No Response
Stryyke Casino/Poker/Sports - RogueNetEnt MaltaConfiscation of winnings for vague terms/incompetent
Sunny Group
Casino Fortune
Mapau Casino
Miami Beach Casino
Goldgate Casino
Poker Show
Mapau Bingo
Cytech?AntiguaNon-payment - no response
Sunshine BingoParlayCuracaoNo Pay - No Response
Thebes CasinoTop GameCowboy TownCasino rep on crack
ToBwin.comUnknownClipshot AlleyFake Gaming Certificate - Treacherous Rogue
UltimateBetUnknownKahnawakeAccused of cheating'
Vegas24iGaming SoftwareCosta RicaNo Response - make up rules as they go along
VIP Golden ClubCasinowebscriptsCowboy TownStolen MGS and RTG Games
Wager21 Casinos
Wager21 CasinosSt. KittsGames are looser in "play for fun" mode than in "real" mode. No pay - slow pay.
WinAsDealerFreak-a-hooeyNetherlands AntillesNo Pay - No response
Winners Island CasinoPariplay LtdIOM?Casino using shills in Casinomeister's forum
Winpalace Group
Begado Casino
Casino Titan
Golden Cherry
Jackpot Grand
Slots of Fortune
Slots Jungle
Winpalace Casino
RTG/RivalDoes it matter?Worst Casino Group of the year 2013, 2011, 2010
World Wide WageringBLR Technologies PanamaCrooked Software
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Not Recommended Casinos

The "Not Recommended" casinos are just that, they are casinos that are not recommended because of substandard customer service, poor support, serious payment delays, bad bonus terms, and questionable business practices. Simply stated - these are casinos that you should avoid until they have corrected these malfunctions.

CasinoSoftware ProviderLicensing JurisdictionReason
Absolute PokerUnknownKahnawakeAccusations of Collusion and Chipdumping
Brandy CasinoPlaytechAntiguaStupid Message Board Spam
casino1x2Diamond GamesBelizeToo many complaints
CasinoextremeRTGCosta RicaUnresponsive to player complaints
Dendera CasinoRivalCuracao?Piss Poor customer support
All Futurebet CasinosFuturebetVariousBad Operators
Internet1x2Diamond GamesBelizeQuestionable website content
Lock CasinoRTG Netherlands Antilles/CuraçaoPayment delays
Top Game Casinos with Progressive Limitations

Allez Casino -
Casino Grand Deluxe - casinograndluxe
Casino States -
Diamond VIP Casino -
Diceland Casino -
Mona Casino -
Rialto Casino -
Rome Casino -
Silverbets Casino -
Slots Jackpot Casino -
Topaze Online -
TopGameVariousPredatory term
Tradition CasinoRivalCuracaoScrewed up BJ pay tables - pathetic support
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Rogue Affiliate Programs

These programs will cheat the affiliate by either detagging players, skim profits, or pratice other unethical behavior.
Affiliate ProgramFlagship CasinoLocationReason
C-Planet AffiliatesRushmore CasinoCowboy TownDetagging Players
SupremecommissionsLiberty Bell CasinoCowboy TownDirectly connected to C-Planets and the Rushmore Group
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Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence

The "Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence" section is reserved for casinos that either screw-up something fierce or are negligent by failing to protect their players from software bugs, stolen data-bases, or commit other acts of serious stupidity. In the military it's called "dereliction of duty" and is punishable by massive pushups, water-boarding, or burning shitters. This is the list:

CasinoSoftware ProviderLocationReason
Gambling FederationGambling FederationBelizeUse of Malware
Top GameTop GameIsrael/Costa RicaCSR on crack and other malfunctions
Golden PalacePlaytechKahnawakeStupid Casino Tricks
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Evil Casino Software Providers

There are certain software providers that either have funkified software that cheats, or they have a "hands off" approach to their licensees, allowing the casino to do whatever they please.

CasinoLicensing JurisdictionReason
BLR TechnologiesPanamaRigged Software
COA World EntertainmentVenezuelaReported Cheating Software
Casinova SoftwareIsraelReported Cheating Software
CasinowebscriptsWhereverStolen software
Elka Systems Software - Oyster SystemsBelizeReported Cheating Software
IGS - Interactive Gaming SystemsSomewhere in the Third WorldUnresponsive to player complaints
Start-your-casino.comWho freakin' knowsCrooked software
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Fake Watchdog Sites

There are a number of casino operators that feel that their players need to be deceived into believing their casinos are a safe place to play. Some of them have set up "watchdog" sites that claim to be monitoring the fairness of their operation thus giving themselves a "stamp of approval". This is deception in the lowest form and borders on the criminal. Other organizations were formed in good faith, but over the years have become indifferent, apathetic, and flaccid.

Sometimes casinos that display logos from the following sites are unaware of the "ruse" they are playing a part of. Obviously, they didn't do their research, or perhaps they think that the logos look pretty. Nevertheless, casinos that display logos from the following organizations should be avoided. Fake and flaccid are here ...
Egaming CommissionFake
Ethical Online Gaming AssociationFake
Internet Gaming CommissionFlaccid
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Dungeon of Evil

This is the archived section of the Rogue Pit - casinos that faded away into the depths. Most are offline or out of business, but that's not saying their operators aren't. This is why this section exists. The complaints may be outdated, the sites may be dead, but in the Dungeon they molder.
CasinoSoftware ProviderLevel of RoguenessReasonStatus
1cnp CasinoUnknownMega rogueUnethical Business PracticeDead site
747casino.comAqualineNot RecommendedCustomer ServiceDead
Action Online CasinoPlaytechRogueNo Pay - No ResponseRebranded
Arcada CasinoUnknownOne of the first roguesUnethical Business PracticeCheesy Portal
Atlantic Lounge CasinoRTGRogueNo Pay - Manager AWOLCrap Portal
CasinobarCOA SoftwareMega rogueSoftwareDead
CasinoonairCOA SoftwareMega rogueSoftwareDead
Casino OnlinerCasinovaRogue with a capital "R"Unethical Business PracticeDead
The Chance Group
Black Widow Casino
Grand Banks Casino
Sterling House Casino
PlaytechNot RecommendedSlow PaymentsDead
Crystal Palace Group
American Circus Casino
American Grand Casino
Americas Online
Casino Peru
Cleopatras Casino
Crystal Palace Casino
Club Mardi Gras
Club Regal Casino
Golden Nile Casino
High Rollers Lounge
Jackpot Kings Casino
Jackpot Cash Casino
Lucky Coin Casino
Lucky pyramid casino
Royal Circus Casino
Silver Sands Casino
Vegas Frontier
Vegas Riches
RTGRogueVarious Roguish ThingsRebranded as Acerevenue casinos
Goldengalleycasino.com3WGraphicsRoguenon-payment/no responseDead
Heroes Casino and Sports Book Who KnowsRogueBad Casino practiceRebranded as JSSports
Hype GamingHypeGamingNot RecommendedNo Pay - unresponsive to player complaintsDead
Incashcasino.comMax SkywebNot RecommendedStupidityDead
Inchilli CasinoHype GamingNot RecommendedUnresponsive to player complaints - stupid nameDead
Jonwood Poker - Unknown Rogueunethical business practiceDead
LondonscasinoCWCRogueNon Payment - angry cashierDead
LucknrollcasinoCasinovaRogue with a capital "R"Unethical Business PracticeDead
Lucky Trump CasinoCasinovaRogue with a capital "R"Unethical Business PracticeDead
LucknrollcasinoCasinovaRogue with a capital "R"Unethical Business PracticeDead
Magic Trump CasinoCasinovaRogue with a capital "R"Unethical Business PracticeDead
Maxima CasinoPlaytech RogueConfiscation of winnings - No ResponseRebranded as Class1casino
Million Minds Casino and PokerTain RogueNo Pay - No responseDead
Ministeringangel CasinoUnknown funkified weirdness Stupifying RogueStrange software, stupid name, casino rep calls forum member idiot, questionable business practicesDead
Naked PokerCyberArtsRogueNon-payment, no responseDead
Rochester CasinoASTRogueNon-payment, confusionDead
RoccoCasinoNo ideaMindnumbing RoguePlain and simple big-time rogueDead
Shark CasinoRTGNot RecommendedNon-responsiveness - stupid nameDead
StarluckiGlobalMediaNot RecommendedIncompetenceRebranded as Party Casino
Tajmahal Palace CasinoFuturebetRogueNo PayCrap Portal
TopspeedpokerDynamic Gaming SystemsRogueNo pay - no answerCrap Portal
Trump Casino GroupCasinovaRogue with a capital "R"Unethical Business PracticeDead
Venice Nights CasinoAT GamingNot RecommendedNon-responsiveness - confiscated winningsCrap Portal
Winner333 CasinoGlobal Power GamingRogueFunkified software - vanishedDead
XXL Club CasinoPlaytechNot RecommendedNon-responsiveness - payment problemsCrap Portal
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