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What does it mean?

The Casinomeister Seal of Accreditation is simply this: it’s a seal of assurance for the player that the seal holder has been properly vetted, and meets the standards of a Casinomeister Accredited Casinos. The Casinomeister seal has no comparison. Proven fact: Most of our competitors do not vet the casinos like we do, and we have been doing this since 1998 – so we know what the hell we are doing.

Let’s compare:

Licensing jurisdiction seals or logos: these just let you know that the casino’s software has been tested in that jurisdiction, and that there is a bit of prudence involved, but this goes only as far as the licensing jurisdiction is willing to go. Traditionally, licensing jurisdictions don’t give a flying rat’s ass about the player – it a business that needs to collect taxed revenue. Simple as that. You can read a bit more about .

Other logos or seals of approval: Caveat Emptor: check them out and if they are linked to an ad laden website – well these are probably “paid for” in some form or another. They are meaningless, useless, and just more cyber propaganda. Do your homework on the site that is being listed. When in doubt, ask. We have many unbiased members in our forum who will gladly give you their two cents.

The purpose of this seal is to ensure that players know that they are 100% sure that they are signing up at a Casinomeister Accredited Casino.


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What makes the Casinomeister Seal of Approval different?

Casinomeister is the ONLY website that tests casinos with an initial trial period by legitimate and outspoken bona fide gamblers. This is called the Baptism by Fire period or BBF.

But before a BBF is even considered, the casino must meet our standards. Our standards for listed casinos are the highest in the online casino industry. There are several thousand online casinos; there are less than 200 Casinomeister Accredited Casinos. Why is that? Obviously it’s because our standards eliminate about 90% of the chaff of the online gaming industry.

If the casino does meet our requirements, it is already imperative that the casino’s operations staff must be in business for a minimum of two years before applying for the Baptism by Fire. Once they are in, it’s a 60 day trial period where our players critique, test and criticize these operations. It’s not always a love fest – sometimes it’s a train wreck.

Once the casino makes it – it’s kudos for them, they are rated, reviewed, and given the opportunity to advertise and post promotions on Casinomeister. Their longevity as an Accredited Casino is up to them. If they maintain the standards, it can last a lifetime. We have some casinos that have been here for eighteen years – no kidding. But if they breach our standards, they get a warning, and if it’s a serious issue, they get the boot.

Casinomeister is the leader in providing players with a safe and level playing field. This ain’t no lie – just ask around.

PLEASE BE AWARE: To ensure that these seals are being used properly, the certified casino will have the seal linked to their respective review page.

Please report misuse of these seals here.

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