Evil Players

Assisting players is something that I do. Not so much from the kindness of my heart, but clearly from a sense that this industry must be held accountable for its actions and non-actions. Most casinos that I deal with are prime examples of successful businesses that take their players and customer relationships quite seriously. And of course, there are the rogues, the incompetent, the evil casinos which consistently give this industry a bad name.

Likewise there are players who fall into the same catagory.

I am not one to be taken advantage of, and I will not tolerate players who use me and my services fraudulently. Taking care of a players’ problems is a serious investment of time and resources. Most players are on the up-and-up, but there is an unscrupulous bunch who are out to scam the casinos and who are either untruthful or deceptive when it comes to dealing with me. This section is dedicated to them.


Those who have no shame

Player Casino Report
Rhonda X 32Red Review Tales from Monkey Hell
stefan78 Palace of Chance Liar liar – yer screenshot’s on fire
Cassteal Casino-on-Net Potty mouth fraudster