Germans Gambling Less, And Have Lower Problem Gambling Issues

Centre of Addiction review notes marked decline in gambling participation

The chaotic legal situation in Germany may have something to do with the reportedly significant decline in gambling participation by German punters, which the Centre for Addiction review for 2018 notes has dropped from 87.1 percent in 2009 to 75.3 percent in 2017.

The report notes that the decline occurred against a background in which the sports betting market has actually grown almost 192 percent since more liberal laws were introduced in 2006, although online casino gambling in all states other than Schleswig Holstein remains technically illegal.

German punters are less likely to become problem gamblers, it appears – the review notes that only 0.56 percent of Germans have potential issues, wth 0.31 percent falling into the category of compulsive or pathological gamblers…both figures below those experienced in other major gambling markets.

Interestingly, among the 8 percent of those seeing addiction treatment, 72.3 percent were slots players.