How to Calculate Craps Payouts

By Alex Smith, Last updated Jan 27, 2023

Craps is one of the most iconic casino games in land-based casinos. While the game isn’t hugely popular at online casinos, land-based craps games can be found worldwide.

Craps is one of the most well-known casino table games globally, and if you’ve ever seen a Hollywood film set in a casino, you’ve most certainly seen the craps table in action!

On this page, we’ll look at how to play craps. Although it’s not the most straightforward game to pick up, it’s not that difficult once you grasp the basic principles.

We will also be looking at how you can calculate craps payouts on this page. Different craps bets have very different payouts, so we’ll be taking this into account.

Sitting Down at the Craps Table: How to Play

Craps is a simple dice game, yet it should be noted that it can be challenging to master at first. One of the main reasons we suggest playing the game in “free play” mode is because of this. It will enable you to get a good feel for everything without risking your own money.

Hexahedral dice are used in all craps games, with two dice in total. The fact that you can physically roll the dice yourself makes craps so unique. When you play other games, such as blackjack, the dealer is ultimately in charge of all the action; however, this is not the case with craps!

The game is straightforward, and you have various betting possibilities at your disposal. After choosing your bet options, you just make your bets and wait for the dice to be rolled. The first roll is the “coming out” roll, marking the start of a new playing round. The “shooter,” by the way, is the person who throws/rolls the dice.

There are three possible results after the dice have been rolled and stopped moving. The first is that you roll a 7 or 11 — this is known as a natural, and it effectively means you win your bets and get to roll again.

Craps is a game where you lose if you roll a 2, 3, or 12 on the dice. You do, however, receive another chance to roll.

If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, you get a “point,” which the dealer will mark on the massive table in front of you if you’re playing in a land-based casino. The objective now is to roll the dice and hit that number once more.

You get to keep rolling until a seven appears, signaling the end of the hand, so once you’ve decided on a point number, you have an almost limitless amount of opportunities to reach a winning number!

It can sound a bit confusing, but it’s worth taking some time to get to grips with the game. You can also check out a craps payout chart to see how much the different craps bets pay.

Different Craps Bets & Bet Wins

As with most online and land-based casino games, several different bets are available at the craps table. Most tables offer players the same bets, so don’t worry about too many different game variations.

Below, we will look at some of the most common bets. We will also look at how much you can win from these craps bets.

Pass Line Bet

The ‘pass line’ bet, or pass bet, is undoubtedly the most popular bet at the craps table. It has a house advantage of only 1.41 percent, making it one of the most significant bets for players trying to reduce the casino’s winning bet odds.

When you bet on the pass line, you’re betting on the shooter rolling a 7 or 11. That’s before rolling a 2, 3, or 12 on the come-out roll. For example, if you bet on the pass line and the dice fall on 2, 3, or 12, you will lose your bet. However, if any other number is rolled, it stays active until the shooter hits the point number again or until a 7 is rolled.

The pass line wager is a multi-roll bet that pays out at 1/1. As previously stated, the pass line bet has a shallow house edge, meaning players who make a pass line bet are more likely to win. However, with an even-money payoff, it’s not the most appealing bet at the craps table for those wanting to hit big payouts.

Don’t Pass Line Bet

The don’t pass line bet is an inverted bet that may be made at the craps table throughout the game. The don’t pass line bet is effectively a reverse of the Pass Line bet. When you make a don’t pass line wager, you’re simply betting on the shooter rolling a 2 or 3; 7 or 11 results in a loss, while 12 results in a push.

Any other numbers on the craps table must not show again before a seven is rolled for the don’t pass line bet to win. The house edge of the don’t pass line bet is smaller than the house edge of the ordinary Pass Line bet at 1.36 percent.

However, it’s not a very popular wager in a land-based casino since you’re effectively betting against the other players at the table. The ‘don’t pass line’ wager pays out at 1/1 odds.

Come Bet

Players may only make a come bet after the point on the pass line has been created. Nonetheless, the criteria of this bet are similar to those of the ‘pass line’ betting option. After the “come point” has been created, the player is betting on the shooter rolling either a 7 or an 11 on the dice. This must, however, occur before the coming point.

The come bet pays out at even money (1/1), and the house advantage on most craps tables is just 1.41 percent.

Don’t Come, Bet

The ‘don’t come’ bet is essentially a reverse of the come bet, and after the point has been set in craps, you may wager if the shooter will roll a 2 or 2 before rolling a 7 or 11. This bet is attractive in that if the dice total 12, the bet is a tie, and it’s also worth noting that other numbers can’t come before a seven is rolled for the bet to be a winning one.

The payout for this wager is even money — 1/1 — and the house edge is 1.36 percent, making it a better bet than the come bet in terms of the house edge.

However, as with the pass line betting option, this isn’t a popular bet when playing at land-based casinos because you’re primarily wagering against the other gamblers at the table.

Field Bets

There may be occasions when you play craps and wish to gamble on a single dice roll. In these situations, you would place a field bet. If a 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 is rolled, you will get a payout for all of these numbers that are even money — 1/1.

If a 2 or 12 is rolled, you’ll be paid out, but instead of an actual money payment, you’ll be paid out at 2/1. On the other hand, if the dice land on 5, 6, 7, or 8, the wager is lost. The field bet has a significant house edge of 5.5 percent, and the bet is only valid for one roll of the dice.

Free Odds Bets

This concept is one of the most puzzling aspects of playing craps for newcomers. Many people who want to learn how to play fail to comprehend what laying the odds truly means. After placing a pass or come bet, players may only ‘lay the odds,’ which is a bet that the shooter will roll a seven before a specific point number is flung.

This form of bet is very unusual in that it is statistically fair. The house advantage is 0 percent (zero house edge), making it the greatest bet you can make at the casino. It’s also one of the most popular craps bets.

There are a few distinct payout structures when it comes to rewards. The payoff is 1:2 if a four or a ten is rolled; 2:3 if a five or a nine is rolled; 5:6 if a six or an eight is rolled.

Place Bets

Place bets are a particular type of bet at the craps table since they may be made at any moment — you don’t have to wait until the point has been established, for example. Even though this bet may be placed at any moment, it usually happens after the point has been decided.

The purpose of this bet is for the player to place a wager on a certain number that they believe will be rolled shortly. If that number is rolled before a 7, your bet wins. There are varied payout patterns here, as with many other bets we’ve covered, depending on which numbers you bet on.

You are rewarded 9/1 if you get a four; 10, 7/5 if you get a seven or a 9; 7/6 if you get a six or an 8. The house advantage varies depending on your bets: 1.52 percent on 6 or 8, 4% on 5 or 9, and 6.67 percent on 4 or 10.

Buy Bets

A buy bet is similar to a place bet in that it is placed on the shooter landing a specified point number before rolling a 7. Unlike pass link or proposition bets, if the buy bets win, the casino pays out at the genuine odds; however, they collect a 5% fee on the profit.

When collecting this fee, each online casino and land-based casino operates differently. Some sites, for example, will collect the commission on the buy bet before the shooter rolls the dice, while others will only take it if the bet wins. The house advantage on buy bets can vary based on the casino you are playing at.

You’ll get 2/1 on 4 or 10, 6/5 on 6 or 8, and 3/2 on 5 or 9 when it comes to payouts. The purchase bet has a house advantage of 4.76 percent or less if the casino takes commission solely on winning bets.

3 or 11 Bets

Many players who want to know about craps payouts and craps bets will be familiar with the 3 or 11 bets. The payout odds aren’t the best, and the house edge can be pretty high — up to 11.1% — but if you look at a craps payout chart, you’ll see that the craps payouts for this bet aren’t too bad.

The 3 or 11 bet works similarly to the 2 or 12 bets. If you place this bet, you need your chosen numbers to land before the shooter rolls a 3 or 11. If your number lands before, you win the bet, and a payout is awarded.

The craps odds bet for this bet vary depending on which casino you play. Most of the best craps payouts will also vary, so always check the craps payout chart before playing to know what you’ll be paid. The 3 or 11 bet generally pays at 15/1.

Any 7 Bet

Craps payouts for the ‘any 7’ bet can be pretty good. Most online casinos offer this bet, although it can be harder to find at land-based casinos. As always, refer to the craps payout chart to get an idea of the specific bet payout odds at the table you’re playing at.

The ‘any 7 bet,’ as the name lends itself, is a bet that revolves heavily around the number 7. However, despite offering some good craps payout odds, the ‘any seven bet’ has a house edge of up to 16.67%. This is relatively high, and you should always read the craps payout chart at the table you’re playing at to see the true odds and the craps payout you will receive.

What’s more, the craps payout is relatively low, generally around 4/1. Compared to other craps payouts, this is relatively low — and the payout odds are worse than the craps payout figures you’ll get on other games.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are pretty standard, and the ‘any 7’ bet we just discussed is an excellent illustration of what a proposition bet is. However, there are a variety of additional proposition bets, often known as one-roll bets, which are named after they are only valid for the next roll of the dice.

The ‘any 11 bet,’ for example, pays out if an 11 is rolled on the following roll. However, the ace deuce pays out at 15/1 if a three is played on the next roll. You’re wagering on which number will be rolled next, which means you may enjoy some fast-paced action with higher odds than usual. This gambling is the sort that is a little riskier.

Yo Bet

The ‘yo bet’ is another name for the ‘any 11 bet,’ but it’s worth mentioning since some online casinos call it something else. If the shooter gets to roll 11, the wager is declared a winner, and you’ll be paid out at 15/1. The bet has a house advantage of 11.11 percent.

If you’ve reviewed the other bet types so far, you’ll see that this one is only a success on the next throw of the dice; if the shooter fails to roll an 11 on the next roll, the bet loses; it doesn’t carry over like some of the other bets we’ve discussed, such as the come bet and pass bets.

Where to View the Craps Payout Percentages: Craps Payout Calculator

If you’re planning on playing the game and want to learn about craps payouts, payout odds, or general craps odds, it’s worth reading a craps payout chart. You’ll find a craps payout chart at every casino that offers the game.

There are also some generic craps payout table images on the internet. However, we would avoid using these; you’re better off using a game-specific version. These charts are a great tool to learn craps strategy for new craps players.

Craps payouts and craps odds can vary greatly, depending on the casino you play at and the game rules used. For this reason, we recommend only reading about the payout odds for the specific game you are playing. The best craps bets have the lowest house edge and the highest payout odds. You can find information about payout odds from the game’s rules.

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