Uruguay Proposal To Shackle Online Gambling

Claim that online gaming operators are taking advantage of free trade zones

If Leonel Revelese, the president of lobbying group the National Federation of Uruguayan Gaming (FENAJU) has his way the use of free zones in the South American country by online gambling companies will soon be seriously curtailed.

Revelese says that the growth of online gambling has negative implications for Uruguayan society and could be putting thousands of local jobs at risk without contributing to the local economy.

He therefore wants the Ministry of Economy and the Casino and Lottery Boards to take action, and will soon be submitting a discussion paper to encourage debate and decisions on the issue.

FENAJU believes that online gaming operators are exploiting free trade zones in Uruguay, and claims:

"We have already repeatedly warned that it is unreasonable and unlawful that online gaming is being authorized in free trade zones."

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