Surprise June 1st Crackdown by Netherlands Gaming Authority

Online operators will be subject to new extended enforcement policy

Assumed to be the result of political pressure, the Dutch online gambling ban will now be more strictly enforced by the Netherlands Gaming Authority (KSA).

Previously, operators were only actively pursued when they had a .nl website, offered their services via a Dutch-language website, or advertised on local television, radio, or in print.

Under the new crackdown measures coming into effect on June 1st, criteria for active enforcement now also include: failure to geo-block Dutch players; .nl extension promotional or affiliate sites that redirect to a .com site; companies that use popular Dutch payment processors like iDEAL; and even sites with brand names that sound Dutch.

Insiders report that operators are rushing to parse the new situation while also questioning its legitimacy vis-a-vis European law.

Many are shocked that such measures would be introduced seemingly on the eve of re-regulation. The Netherlands’ lower house of parliament passed the Remote Gambling Bill last year and it is now being reviewed by the Senate.

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Jess Plowden

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