Ladbrokes Poster Campaign Complaints (update)

Glamorises gambling say complainants

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has received 67 complaints relating to Ladbrokes' Betting Men outdoor advertising campaign.

The campaign tells the story of five friends – The Believer, Generous John, Mr. Brightside, The Professor and The Gut Truster, who represent Ladbrokes online customers. These characters feature across multimedia advertising platforms that include TV, posters, magazine/newspaper ads and inshore displays (see previous InfoPowa report).

The general thread across the 67 complaints appears to be glamorising gambling and linking it to social success.

The posters, created by BBH London and illustrated by Jimmy Turrell use taglines such as "when you win its skill, when you lose its bad luck" and once is lucky, twice is talent".

The ASA will assess the complaints and take further action if deemed necessary.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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