Ex-Leo Vegas Chief Switches To Affiliate Marketing

Johan Styren partners with former Catena Media exec Valentin Alsen in new venture

Dilanti Media is the name of a new affiliate marketing company that you could be hearing more about in the months ahead. Founded and helmed by two experienced industry executives, the venture aims to enter the affiliate marketing business in the fintech and online gambling industries.

The two founders are ex-Leo Vegas CEO Johan Styren and former Catena Media exec Valentin Alsen, who between them have a wealth of experience and adequate funding, judging by their statement that they have turned away investment offers.

Dilanti has acquired the Gamblionginformation.com business which will be the flagship web presence for the company as it embarks in the UK market.

“We are a technology company within the marketing space,” said Styren. “While we assist our clients with new customers, the edge in our business is fully based on our SEO platform with cutting-edge technology, which can do innovating tasks such as measuring the value of our content based on user interaction data and then in turn, adjust the content on the website to always show content that is valued by visitors.”