Dutch Senate Delves Into Gambling Regulation

After two and a half year lag

The Dutch Senate is finally dipping its toe into the details of the Remote Gambling Act (RGA) and the Casino Regime (Modernisation) Draft Act after a two-year lag in a Plenary Session held earlier this week to discuss the matter.

The Plenary Session was halted to allow the Minister of Legal Protection time to gather information on several questions Senate members posed. The Minister will provide answers to the questions in written form by Friday, 8 February 2019.

The Minister envisages a cooling off period for “bad actors” but was asked to provide clarity on the definition of an illegal gambling operator.

The Senate also required clarity on the possibilities of limiting online gambling advertising across all platforms and in that respect what enforcement measures would and can be taken.

The Minister has also been asked to clarify what measures are available to combat illegal websites and how Article 54a of the Dutch Criminal Code would be used as a legal basis.

The plenary session will continue on Tuesday 12 February 2019.