Belgian Gambling Market in the News — Weekly Round-up for November 3, 2017

Belgium Implements New Online ID Programme

Updates blacklist

In an industry update, the Belgian Gambling Commission (BGC) has begun rolling out a new online identification system in partnership with True Odds nv.

The project, dubbed Games 2.0, is expected to address online identification issues.

“Fake national registry number will be a thing of the past, among other things,” the Commission said, as it strives to “set the trend concerning online identification for other countries”.

In related news, the BGC released an updated blacklist. October additions include,, and

Affiliate Marketers Face Tough Times Under Proposed Belgian Law

Operators to be restricted to promoting their product on their own websites or by email

Online gambling affiliate marketers in the Belgian market face a bleak future if a new law currently being progressed becomes effective next year.

The legislation passed the Council of Ministers earlier this month and is currently being studied by the European Commission for compliance with EU laws, and assuming it is approved at that level an eight month consultation process will take place.

The advertising provisions of the measure restrict operators to promotional and advertising activity only on their own websites or via email, with clearly adverse implications for traditional affiliate marketing initiatives. There are reportedly also severe restrictions on bonuses offered by operators, setting a limit of Euro 275 a month per player.

There has already been some criticism of the proposed new law, with allegations that it was drafted by the National Lottery and then referred to the Ministry for Justice.