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Apr 27, 2009
the land of snow and maple syrup
The real reason none of you here like Roshtein is because Casinomeister is a dinosaur and you’re all old as shit. A site that has for too many years rested on its laurels and failed to utilise social media to attract younger member. You are not suppose to like Roshtein in the same way a young person doesn’t enjoy political debates.

You need to ask yourselves, why should anyone even care about @Casinomeister opinion anyway? Where’s the credibility? This is a site that gave Roshtein an award for being “fake fake fake”.

Someone comes along that dared to have an opinion outside of the hive mind and gets attacked by aggressive posts from a mod.
To a couple points above:
To an obvious one > with age comes wisdom. Bryan might not be a spring chicken along with a few members, but theyve also the collective experience and knowledge can't be found anywhere else regarding online casinos.

Why should anyone care? Because some staff and members have not only been around the proverbial block, theyve practically designed, built and maintained its upkeep

What hive mind? Have you even looked around the site? This is about as disparate a group of people you'll find; from all age groups, countries, walks of life with differeing experiences and opinions.

You give this membership far too little credit.


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Jun 30, 1998

Re: social media - what do you think this forum is? The original "social media" before the named was coined. You can do anything you can do here that you can do at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. We were doing this before Facebook was a thing - so there you have it.

Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc., to me are other peoples' websites. I always had a policy not to post on other people's websites - it is theirs, this one is mine. These massive social media sites have you suckered in thinking that they are obligatory or needed in your shallow tunnel-vision world perspective. It used to be if you wanted to have a platform to say whatever you wanted to say, you'd spend a few bucks - by a domain name and create a forum with cheap sometimes free software. Now most folks are too nearsighted to do so and become the bi-product of whatever platform you're joining.

As for Casinomeister being influential or informative, well the history of the site stands on its own. I know what I have done to affect the online gaming industry, players experiences, gaming experiences. I don't need to go around beating my chest yelling "I am so great! I am so great! Look at me 'cause I'm so great!"

You can't take the site seriously? Think about why you are here posting in this forum? What prompted you to join this community to make this statement. Obviously you take it seriously LOL.

What I don't take seriously is watching folks play video slots unless it is a friend of mine in Vegas, and I am standing next to him goading him on. Why not watch theses folks watch Netflix, or watch them listening to music? Are you seriously that bored that watching a buffoon dancing around because he has won some money is your form of entertainment? Sorry - that is just a massive waste of time. Life is short, and watching some dude have a cry baby attack just does not cut it for me.

As for being old - yeah. I hit 62 next month. But when you get to be my age, you will probably wish you had the endurance and knowledge that I have at this point - I have lived a rich life, how about you?

And I bet if we had a pushup or arm wrestling contest right now, I would win. :D

Now I am going outside in 30 degree C heat to build a barn. What are you going to do today? Cry on the Internet that your favorite game is not being played by your favorite streamer? LOL :p

Knock yerself out!


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Aug 30, 2012
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I wish I had the same wig, so I would actually have some kind of asian or horse hair. No im just bald.
Don't feel bad. Baldness is a sign of virility. Plus look at some of the greats, like, err, Kojak or Right Said Fred

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