Revisiting 32Red Self Exclusion Issues


Jul 5, 2016

I haven’t been here for a while having joined Gamstop and been away from casinos for my own good.

Back in 2017 I posted - not sure how to link? - about an issue with 32red self exclusion or rather their refusal to self exclude.

Just after this time I had a change in personal circumstances that made me leave the issue alone as I had other things I needed to concentrate on.

Since this time I have continued to take an interest in the social responsibility side of Gambling and having logged into another site I came across the complaint I made back then and did some more research as to whether things have improved.

Doing so I read about the penalty 32 red receieved in 2018 for failures in responsible gaming and also read on another ADR site of a player with the same issue that was fully refunded.

I have recontacted 32red and asked them to reconsider my issue with the above in mind and they have refused.

I am in a better place and feel very strongly about the issue so although I’d rather not take legal action it’s a hill I’m prepared to die on and will do so. I am waiting for Solicitors to review what I have given them and prepare a package.

My question would be, is there any other option to me than court at this stage and if not does anyone have any advise around the upcoming proceedings?

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Surely your solicitor is best placed to advise you around the upcoming proceedings?
I’m waiting for the solicitors to get back to me once they’ve read all the information I’ve provided.

I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the direction of other options. I did request an ADR look at it back then but they stated they couldn’t for whatever reason, I don’t recall.

It therefore hasn’t actually gone through an ADR and now we are some time down the line it’s past ADR timeframes I believe? Unless asking them to reconsider restarts the clock?

As I say, I’d rather avoid legal action but they’ve already refunded others for the same thing so I’m willing to go down this route. I’m confident I have a case but if there are other options I’d rather pursue those as I’m sure you understand
@rachio84 , given the nature of your case I'd be happy to receive a Player Arbitration (PAB) request from you on this issue (the time limit restriction would be waived). No promises of course, years have passed and the casino has changed ownership in the meantime, but it's worth a try. The PAB process starts here: Submit Your Online Casino Complaint - Casinomeister . If you do decide to proceed please ensure that you have read and will comply with the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures .

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,

That would be great if it was an option.

Shall I submit the details and see where it goes?

Hello @rachio84,

Just a friendly reminder that as you now have an active PAB, our Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures require that you refrain from posting in public while we assist you with your complaint.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Assistant to Max Drayman, Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
32Red is an multi-award winning casino reviewed by Casinomeister

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