Winnings confiscated due to self exclusion rules?


Feb 24, 2024
British Columbia
I recently won over $3000 at an online casino. Since the withdrawal process takes a few days it gives the players a chance to reverse the withdrawal. So I slowly started drawing it down until a significant portion was gone. Luckily i was able to bring up the balance to just shy of $3000.

Not wanting to repeat my behavior I looked into the self exclusion/take a break options. I decided to take a break for 1 week to allow the casino to process the withdrawal. Spoke to customer support and they assured me there would be no issues with the withdrawal while I'm temporarily self excluded.

After about 5 days of waiting I contacted customer support to get a status update as I hadn't received any notification. Representative said operations is still processing withdrawal and to allow for another 24 to 72 hours.

I enjoy playing online casinos. It actually helps me relax as I have a very stressful life. So got an itch to play but since my account was locked I decided to open up a new account at another online casino. I don't believe they are owned by the same casino group.

A few days later I receive about $400. Strange, but at least they're working on it. So give it a few more days. Contacted support again now on day 12 after original withdrawal request was made. They now tell me the remaining amount was confiscated by management as I "circumvented the rules of my self exclusion". I asked for proof of what I did and the representative says management decision is final. I keep asking and was told that it was because I opened up another online casino account while I was temporarily self excluded. WTF?

I re-read the terms and conditions on the self exclusion and no where does it state that opening a new account with another casino would result in confiscation of my winnings. Had I known this I would not have done so. So frustrating because I had already made financial commitments for the funds since I've never had an issue withdrawing for an online casino before.

I simply used the responsible gaming tools at my disposal to protect me from reversing my winnings! Another issue I have is that I setup rather modest deposit limits with this site so that I don't go overboard and play within my limits. Unfortunately these rules don't apply to withdrawal reversals. Meaning if I set a deposit limit of $100 per week that would limit my potential losses to $100. But with the reverse withdrawal option you can reverse all of your winnings and potentially leaving you with nothing. So figured the temporary break option was a smart move. But now they basically tell me I'm screwed and decision my manager is final.

What can I do? Suppose file a complaint with Ecorga? But do I have a valid complaint here and what are my chances of a successful resolution? To be honest, this decision has completed caused me so much mental anguish and screwed me financially. It's devestating.

Look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thanks!

Interesting problem. Obviously the "new account with another casino" issue strongly indicates the two casinos ARE somehow related but we wouldn't know for sure unless we knew the specific casinos involved.

"file a complaint with Ecorga?" Always a possibility but at least one of the casinos will have to name eCOGRA as their designated ADR -- that'll be stated in the Disputes or Complaints section of the Terms -- otherwise the chances are they'll just say "pass".

Frankly I'd suggest taking your case to a 3rd party dispute resolution service to see how you get on with it. Of course you are welcome to use our Player Arbitration (PAB) service that is free to all forum members. Here's a guide to getting started with that: How to submit a Player Arbitration (PAB) Ticket - Casinomeister Forum

If you do proceed with the PAB please ensure that you have read and will comply with the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures . Failure to comply with the rules could slow, damage or even cancel your PAB.

Max Drayman
Head of Dispute Arbitration & Player Complaints
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