Little success story and advice wanted post big win


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Feb 13, 2023
Hi all,

Bit of context: Last week I got the break of a lifetime and binked it on an online crypto casino. I posted the video on Youtube for laughs you can see it
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. It was on Crazy Time.

I had a little rollercoaster of a few days after that, winning another 100k but lost that 100k days after and banned myself. Still a nice $500k USD win.

I had my first break last year winning big multiple times and probably had a peak balance a few times of $100k but I blew it all by the end of the year. Was very depressed going to the new year. I even posted a thread here of dealing with an issue of withdrawal limits on a site I won $100k (AUD). Sure enough, blew the balance there from impatience. Thankfully with crypto casinos there's no stupid rules like that.

I don't want to go down that route again. I want to make this last and do something right for myself for once. I've opted to stash all the money I won in savings accounts that can't be touched without a months notice (should keep me at bay from wanting to gamble) and receive 5% interest on it which is a decent chunk of money.

I wanted some advice on this though. Maybe what I did was smart or wasn't smart. I'm more concerned about what happens a year later when I regain access to my money (I can roll it over into another 12 month term deposit).

What would you guys suggest?

PS: I have a place that I own luckily without mortgage, <30 years old, single and no kids. Just to help with any advice you guys might give.

Appreciate any advice.

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Set deposit limits on all casino sites and set wager limits/loss limits where possible. Enjoy the winnings and for your fix if required play at minimal or small stakes. If you are a real gambler the buzz of 1000x on any stake is enough.
Well done on the amazing win. Personally, I would buy an investment property and rent it out. Once paid off, get another and so forth. Retire at 40 with a few properties paid off and a few thousand a month in rental income : )
What would you guys suggest?
I would suggest you NEVER play Crazy Time again!

Yes, you had an awsome once in a lifetime win on it - but now that you have, it will never happen again.
I have played it quite a bit, and it is a complete bastard money-eating wind-up game :mad:

In fact, my advice is to not gamble again at all, and invest in bricks and mortar, as per the above post.

Good luck,

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