Big win - low limit withdrawals - what can/should I do?


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Feb 13, 2023
Hey guys,

Been playing on crypto casinos past few months and I love the experience, minimum kyc, instant cashouts.

The other day I had no cash available so I started looking for places to play (can use credit card to deposit) and ended up winning huge (roughly $100k AUD).

Good news is they verified me fully, first cash out happened quick.

Bad news is that the monthly limit is $30k AUD.

I recall a friend's friend once asking some other casino if they would allow a complete cashout if they got to keep like $2k or something along those lines, and they did that so I'm wondering if anyone else here has ever offered that lol.

I was informed by them that if I show more activity, my limits could get increased. But what is more activity? How do you measure that? Another month of play?

Yeah I'm a new user, but I wagered damn near a quarter mill if not more. How does that not warrant an increase there?

Anyway, really appreciate if anyone could suggest anything.

And no - not accredited here, not even listed here I believe.
I’m so sorry to hear this.

Withdraw your first $30k and put a $10 deposit limit on your account (assuming they have those). Then wait and withdraw the remaining balance over the coming months and then close your account and choose a reputable place to play.

Do not be tempted to “play more to increase your limit”. I’m livid by that sentence.

Haha more avtivity means that you should keep playing until u loose 80% of the win… Do like Mark recomend you to do..

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