Question When is your monthly limit not your monthly limit? Secret monthly limit from Videoslots?


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Jan 26, 2023
Bit of a strange one this...
I have been with Videoslots for about 6 months now, no real issues - a few delayed withdrawals and a long intrusive SOW, but all went through OK.
When I joined, and after the SOW I set a pretty high monthly deposit limit, mainly because I mostly use their sports betting, but I only bet on really low odds so I generally win month on month - on average about 2% each month so far.
Up until today I have deposited pretty close to my limit each month, without issue but today when I go to deposit I get a standard message telling me I have reached my monthly limit, and to either request a new limit or wait for it to reset at the end of the month. The message also mentions a weekly limit, which I haven't even reached 20% this week going on my account records.
When I check the account records, it shows me I have just under half of my usual limit remaining for the month, which is exactly what it should be.

This is where it gets odd... I contact the live chat and explain, and they tell me that I have reached the "hidden monthly limit "on my account (their words) and I need to request a new limit or wait until the end of the month. I ask why the limit I have on my account does not apply and they just repeat the same.

So I contact TeamVideoslots on here and am told the same thing (although they called it a "secret" limit)

What is going on here? do they not like me actually winning each month?

What is the point of me going through all the SOW and setting limits when they arbitrarily apply a "secret" limit ?

I am loathed to ask for an increased limit as I can see the spectre of SOW appearing all over again - and why should I when I already have a limit which has been perfectly fine for months now? I can hardly be classed as having a gambling problem when I win each month - why not just impose a really low monthly loss limit - I already have a low loss limit, but would happily lower it.

It would be helpful if Teamvideoslots could answer here and explain this "secret limit" nonsense and why it has only just applied - there is no need to be account specific, but some transparency would be useful.

See the full Videoslots review here
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I had the same with LeoVegas. They described it as a "UKGC limit" which they couldn't disclose due to "license requirements". I can see that they did a gambling affordability search with TransUnion but I don't understand why they think the affordability limit is secret.
also MR Q has same think like ghost limit, I try to make £1000 deposit it say nope, so I need to guess my self by trying £900,£800,£700,£600, £500 it works yeeee 😂

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