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Feb 18, 2014
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Had an email from Betfair. You can now deposit winnings even if you have hit your deposit limit. So if you have a monthly limit of £20 and you add that to your account. You then win £50 and cash out. You can then deposit £50 because your depositing winnings so your limit is net. Not sure if other casinos/betting sites are doing this. I understand people will say your not loosing any more money as your depositing winnings.
It's always been a bit of a mixed bag with "net" (including withdrawals) or "gross" (excluding withdrawals) deposit limits.

If you don't want to leave funds on the site unnecessarily then net deposits makes more sense, similarly if you want rigid limits and don't want to spend your winnings back then gross deposits make more sense.

Some sites support both and some support one but not the other (and confusingly, not always the same one), so while it's not new in the sense that other sites have offered it for years, the timing is curious that PPB are only now making such a change...

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