Transaction fees, Whos wrong here?


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Feb 1, 2013
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Can someone please tell me if I am in the wrong here. I won $13,000 @ Adrenaline casino. They limit my daily withdrawal to $2000 per day, and my weekly to $4000 per week. I make my withdrawal request for $2000 on 4/10. I only
received $1965 of that $2000, they said because of fees. I don't remember them charging any fees. They should have sent me the $2000. On top of that, I wanted to make another request after midnight, because it was now 4/11, But they told me no, saying I already made a cash out on 4/11. They said they go by utc time and I'd have to wait another 24hrs before I can request again, which is
actually making me wait two days! I've never had a casino do this type of bs to me. Can anyone help me out on this issue???Screenshot_20240411_001340_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20240411_005801_Gmail.jpg
Um, wrong about what, exactly? Time zones and transaction fees are hardly news. I don't know the Adrenaline details but it's not unusual for new fees to be introduced as casinos switch to new payment processors, seek to cut costs, etc. Like everything else in life, these things change over time.

You might want to check with the rep, @Casino Extreme , they might be able to offer some explanation.

Also, it appears from your phone message to them that you were using Casinomeister to threaten them into paying you. Not cool! See Forum Rules , item 1.17.

- Max
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