Withdrawals with unlicensed casino


Apr 10, 2024
Just looking for some advice,

I have been playing on an online casino since january, lost and won, made withdrawals nothing to big, and not had any problems.
Now i have won over 80k euros and the casino have said i can only withdraw 400 euros every 36 hours to my revolut account.

Since this i have done some digging and found that the casino is not licenced and when i asked them they say they are self licenced and regulated casino and can operate legally to uk players.

I won the money playing crazy time a game provided by evolution gaming, since the big win i have had confirmation of the legitimate win by both the casino and evolution gaming and as it stands i am making the withdrawals of 400 euros every 36 hours and i am not having a problem.

now i am no longer playing with this casino and just want to withdraw the winnings that looks like it will take a very long time. can anyone tell me if i am ok to carry on making these withdrawals at the rate that the casino says? I have many screen shots and emails confirming the win along with screen shots of my gaming history on crazy time.

Any adice would be great thankyou.
Well firstly don’t play and lose it. Continue to withdraw every 36 hours promptly but ask them if they can increase the withdrawal limit as limiting the withdrawal amount ruins the fun. You can ask to contribute towards the fees they have to pay for withdrawals.

The limit is probably imposed in the hope that you lose it all. It is not allowed in UKGC licensed casinos.

You don’t want to rock the boat too much that they go silent on you.

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