Complaints! Complaints! Complaints!
Complaints! Complaints! Complaints!

In order to submit a complaint, you must be a member of our forum. It’s fast – it’s easy it is free. If you already are a member, please continue. if you are not, please sign up here. It will be worth your effort.
Casino Complaints
Before submitting your claim, please check the following:

  • You have read the Player Arbitration Policies & Procedures.
  • You have done as much as possible to resolve this problem on your own.
  • Check if the casino is a member of our forum. Please check the I-Gaming contacts page – they should be able to assist.
  • If you choose to publicize your complaint in the public fora, we reserve the right to disregard it. Making complaints a public debated issue will usually derail most arbitrations.
  • If you joined the casino in question through an affiliate site or portal, please contact the portal as well to inform them that you are having problems.

Once you are ready, please feel free to open up a PAB ticket here: Players Arbitration Ticket.
If you need assistance doing that this “how to” will guide you through the process:
How to submit a complaint: new procedures for PABs