Roguish Casino Grand Bay reneged on crediting bonus to my account !!

I have never had a problem being paid by this group of casinos. They simply consider players as cash cows. And if one (or more) or us stop playing/depositing, there are more to take our place.

The primary problem with their bonus system (as with most online casinos) is that it doesn't take into consideration player loyalty. They don't care how long you've been with them or at what level.... once you hit their sacred number wall... you're cut off from all bonuses/perks. When that happens, what incentive is there to continue playing there? The fact that they pay players? Fine. I can play at several casinos that pay their players. Big deal. :rolleyes:

Congrats on a nice fat win, Shanta. Put it in the bank and keep a little out to buy yourself something nice. :thumbsup:

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