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Feb 2, 2021
So last Monday (Dec 12) l deposited $20 at Goldwin Casino without any bonus. I went up to $5,500. They have a maximum withdrawl of $2000 per week. So I withdrew $2000 on the 13. Lost the rest but thats on me. Canceled the withdrawl on the 15 and immediately withdrew $1850 and left $150 to play. Yesterday, I got an email saying they voided all my winnings because during that time I claimed 3 bonuses I received from leveling up ( claimed one on the 12 and 2 on the 13). In the email they said "To sum up, your account had multiple active bonuses "€5 CASH" of 5 CAD, "15FS On Jolly Roger 2" of 0.69 CAD, and "20FS - NO WAGERING On Book Of Dead" of 0.75 CAD, and while there was still wagering active, you placed multiple bets on the following games:" and because I bet more then $10 Cdn and played games that weren't allowed during a bonus. 2 of those bonuses are 5x wagering requirement and the other is no wagering. I know that I didn't claim those bonuses until I had already won a bunch. I tried to ask live chat what time I claimed those bonuses as I have a screenshot of my winnings. The rep refused to tell me and instead insisted it wasn't relevant and that all my winnings before I claimed the bonuses were voided also because I kept breaching the terms and conditions, even tho I wasn't aware I was playing on a bonus. Might I mention, i also claimed other level up bonuses after these ones but I cleared those wagering requirements ?am I not entitled to know this information since it's my account and my money?

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The problem starts here: is operated by GLD Group B.V. established under the laws of Curacao
how is this even allowed?
"Allowed"? That implies there is someone who can disallow it, and who might that be? This casino is (apparently) licensed in Curacao and that -- dear fellow Canadian -- is a very, VERY long way away from the reach of civilized and law-abiding places like our blessed nation.

The problem with rogue casinos is that they are basically pirates sailing the open, and decidedly uncontrolled, seas of the vast and wondrous interwebs. Or, to put it another way, "in space no one can hear you scream".
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Also, while we're at it, I see you're posting here _after_ filing your PAB on these guys. As you will of course know from reading the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures that is not permitted, meaning your posts have killed your PAB.

If that's not what you intended feel free to contact me privately at @maxd and explain your thinking on this.
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Worked my way up. I usually deposit multiple times with smaller amounts instead of depositng one larger amount. I recently won $9000 on Rizk after depositing $15, however i made 3 prior deposits so in total it was more like $80. The only difference is Rizk is actually paying me and Goldwin did not

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