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Nov 25, 2023
Greetings everyone,

I am new to the online gaming world, located in Ontario. I won a large sum of money (over $250K) on luckydays. ca (I could not find the contact rep info on this site). Withdrew the winnings, did not hear anything for two days and then they confiscated all the winnings claiming a term and condition was violated (something with a max bet). The problem is that based on their max bet rule of $5 during bonus period, based on what I deposited, I would have to make 14 bets per minute for 72 hours to meet the 30x requirement. $10,000 was deposited and only $600 bonus was granted (rule is 30x deposit + bonus). I read the bonus terms which said 30x but the max bet was hidden deeper in the terms which was not as clear on the front page. Do I have any options or a hope of recovering something. This was the only time I used a bonus ever on this site. My first bet after deposit was $750 so the bonus should have been taken away?

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I dont see much hope of recovering any winnings, unless the rules regarding max bet size during bonus was literally hidden away the casino is technically in the right.

That aside, why take a 6% bonus on such a large deposit when it locks you into so much wagering?
Even without a max bet rule applied to the bonus it would imo still be a terrible offer, and like you pointed out trying to wager 300k+ doing $5 spins would take ages.
Apart from the odd good promotion most bonus offers are 'traps'.

You could try to fight it, but based on the information in your post you would need to rely on goodwill from the casino to see any of the winnings, and unfortunately that is probably highly unlikely to happen.
The only out I can think of is if the bonus is structured as a second chance, where cash is used first (often unrestricted) and then bonus funds (with all the restrictions) - but that is primarily seen in the UK and rarely outside it. Given they've already confiscated the funds then I suspect that isn't the case...

Otherwise, @Kroffe has pretty much summed it up - having a 30x(D+B) clause that scales up with over-deposits is nasty and clearly a trap for people who haven't read the terms. Some sites are more honest with this and will cap the wagering at 60xB.

You might be able to get your deposit back given you were immediately in breach of the bonus terms - but I doubt you would be seeing any of the winnings.

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