Unfair denial of winnings at Lupin Casino


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Dec 1, 2023
I recently faced a challenging situation with Lupin Casino regarding the denial of my winnings. Despite adhering to all their betting rules, my withdrawal request was unfairly denied. This situation is particularly frustrating because it's my first withdrawal after a history of numerous deposits.

I have always followed the Terms & Conditions strictly, ensuring my bets did not exceed the specified limits – $5.00 per round/spin or 10% of my balance, whichever is lower. Despite this, my withdrawal request was rejected without a clear explanation.

The casino informed me that the bonus rule breach they are citing did not occur on my last deposit, which generated the winnings in question, but rather on two earlier deposits. This new information highlights the retrospective and selective application of their rules.

From my betting history, which was provided upon request to review my last deposit, I can see that my pattern remained consistent and within the terms set by the casino, except for the last 10 bets (out of over 1000) when my balance was nearly zero. Surprisingly, the supposed breach they cited was not related to my last deposit, but rather to previous ones. This information was unexpected, as I had specifically requested the history to verify the compliance of my recent gaming activity.

This practice, especially when applied retrospectively and selectively, seems not just unfair, but predatory. It targets and exploits natural gameplay patterns of players, particularly when their balance is running low. It's not just about this incident but indicates a pattern that might have been in practice since my first deposit.

The retroactive enforcement of the maximum bet rule strikes me as particularly unfair. It seems predatory to apply this rule to past actions where the bets resulted in losses and no cashout. Moreover, after these supposed breaches, the site accepted my next 13 deposits with bonuses, giving the impression that they were accepting deposits knowing they could use my first deposit as a pretext to invalidate any future winnings.

As a dedicated customer, I find this treatment unacceptable and urge a thorough reconsideration. It's imperative to uphold a standard of fairness and trust, ensuring that players like myself, who choose this casino in the expectation of a fair and equitable gaming experience, are not subjected to such predatory tactics.
This practice, especially when applied retrospectively and selectively, seems not just unfair, but predatory.

If true, it is both unfair and predatory.

You can submit a complain via free Player Arbitration Service (PAB) . Be sure to check out the page for FAQs, Terms & Tips. But, I wouldn't hold my breath, since as it seems on the first look, Lupin Casino doesn't hold any valid licence at all. Good luck ,though.
@Gianky , we'd be happy to help you with this, or at least give it a try. If you'd like to proceed you'll find a handy guide here: How to submit a Player Arbitration (PAB) Ticket - Casinomeister Forum .

As @ultra100 mentioned, if you do proceed it is important that you read and respect with the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures . Failure to comply could slow, stall or even cancel your complaint.

FWIW I believe I have confirmed that Lupin Casino is in fact unlicensed. Since I found nothing about their license on the site I asked Support in Chat and they said:
"We are regulated by
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and bound by its rules."

CDS is not a licensing body, it's a complaints service. To say they are "regulated" by CDS is 100%, highly polished, BS.

- Max
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Dear Max and ultra100,

Thank you for your guidance and the valuable information provided regarding Lupin Casino. Your efforts in confirming the licensing status of the casino and the clarification on the Central Disputes System (CDS) are particularly enlightening and appreciated.

I confirm that all the details I have shared about my experience with Lupin Casino are true. The casino's recent communication indeed stated that their decision on my case is conclusive, which leaves me with no choice but to seek external assistance in resolving this matter.

Following your advice, I am prepared to open a Player Arbitration (PAB) Ticket as suggested. I will ensure to read and fully comply with the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures to avoid any potential delays or complications in the complaint process.

Thank you once again for your support and for providing a clear path forward in this challenging situation. Your help has been instrumental, and I am grateful for the assistance offered by the Casinomeister Forum.

Best regards,

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