PAB in progress Red Stag Casino doesn't want to pay me my winnings


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Apr 11, 2024
Hello. I had the following problem. I recently registered at Red Stag Casino and won from their no deposit coupon for new players. The casino asked me for documents for verification and I sent them my ID, utility bill and a selfie with my ID. I was already hoping to get my winnings, but then I was disappointed. The casino started asking me for another selfie with ID, citing the fact that part of the ID was cut off.

But this is not true, the ID was not cropped in the photo. I sent another selfie and received a response. The casino replied that I was pressing the ID tightly with my fingers and asked me to hold it with my fingertips. But I was already holding it in the photo with my fingertips. After that, I realized that the casino simply did not want to pay me my winnings and began to express indignation at them.

They sent me a response and I was shocked. The casino wrote that I should hold the ID so that all four corners of the document are not covered with my fingers. Now the question is, how should I hold this document so that all four corners of the document are visible? I should probably make it somehow fly in the air near my face? This is absurd. I think it’s clear to anyone here on the site that the casino clings to any reason, just not to pay me money. And I also don’t understand how Red Stag Casino is listed on the website in the accredited casinos section if this is how it treats its players.

Please advise me something about this problem
Red Stag is a well managed, Accredited Casino at Casinomeister
Our PAB service is the most established Online Casino complaint center - full stop.

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