Bonus Complaint Casino Miami Club is trying in every possible way to deprive me of my winnings


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Mar 9, 2022
Hello. An unfortunate situation happened to me. Casino Miami Club is trying in every possible way to deprive me of my winnings. I received a no deposit bonus at this casino, fulfilled all the conditions of the bonus program and put the winnings on withdrawal.

The casino asked for documents and I sent them a photo of my ID card, utility bills and a selfie with the ID card. After that, the casino began to delay the payment of funds by asking for a bunch of other documents. At the request of the casino, I sent two more selfies with an ID card, which they did not accept, citing the fact that the data was not clearly visible in the photo. But this is a lie on their part, since the data is very clearly visible on all three selfies.

Then, at their request, I sent a photo of my driver's license and a selfie with it. They were not satisfied with the fact that the driver's license did not indicate the expiration date. I explained to them that in my country a driver's license is issued with an unlimited validity period. The casino started demanding my passport. I told them that I didn't have it, since I had never traveled to other countries and I didn't need to apply for it.

After that, something happened that finally convinced me that no one was going to pay me. The casino asked me for a birth certificate, a selfie with this birth certificate, and I also have to notarize these photos from a notary.

In my opinion, it is obvious to any person here that the casino is just playing for time and is not going to pay. Even if theoretically I send them these documents, then tomorrow they will come up with something else, for example, they will ask you to take a selfie with all the documents against the background of my bare ass and notarize. That's why I came here hoping for your help.
I have never heard of the "Certified Fair Gambling" which they are part of and worst CFG's website hasn't been updated since 2018.
As well from what I hear having a Curacao license isn't a good authority but perhaps someone has a better idea than i do. Based on the rating on here I wouldn't touch Casino Miami Club with a 10 foot pole
Is casino miami club the same as miami club casino.

If so PM the Rep @Sloto and wait an answer as they are accredited on here.

If that fails you can do a PAB and @maxd will look into it for you. If a different casino you may still be able to PAB.

If you are going to do a PAB please read terms first.
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PAB received and in progress.

FWIW, looks like a totally dodgy place. No license info at all, claims "Our games are independently audited on a monthly basis by Charles Mousseau, B.Sc.". A Bachelors degree? ?!? Is that supposed to impress someone? Not to mention the fact that the "certificate" supposedly verifying this is just a PDF on the casino's website.

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