kahunacasino scam rules 2800 euro lost.


May 31, 2023

I have a big complaint against Kahuna casino. I lost the first deposit bonus of 400 euro and I get 400 bonus.

When I played my second deposit bonus I won 2800 euro.

I verified myself and cashed out. After a long verification. I received the message.

"1.23: The maximum bet with active bonus €/$ 5.00, 50 SEK/NOK or 10% of their current available balance (whichever is lower) on a given round or spin when using bonuses or winnings generated from bonuses (but the 10% rule does not apply to bet sizes under €/$ 0.50, 5 SEK/NOK). Betting a larger proportion of one’s balance on a single round or game can lead to the voiding of this particular bonus and winnings and voiding of subsequent bonuses and winnings. Repeated abuse can lead to account termination and confiscation of balances. "

So just to clarify you have to downgrade your betsize as your balance is 50 euro to 4,3,2,1 as your balance go lower. Which is ridiclous. Ok i checked my playing history.

" As per our terms and conditions, the maximum bet limit when playing with a bonus
is€ 5.00OR10% of your current available balance (whichever is lower) "

There was NEVER a a drop under the 50 euro I always maintaned the 5 euro betsize So I talked to support. The answer was clear the bonus that was LOST never won. Even it was 5 days ago. You break the rules so this deposit we take your money an absolute SCAM. I would like to hear the opinion from this forum!
Those terms sound nasty - because the moment you've broken the rules once (whether intentionally or accidentally), those rules give them the freedom to void any future bonus and/or bonus winnings as they see fit.

I agree the 10% of current balance is frustrating - and feels designed to trip you up. Many casinos use X% of initial balance as a way to restrict people from "over-playing" bonuses (max bets on ultra-high variance slots for the one-in-a-million shot), but current balance requires you to play very carefully once you drop below a threshold - $50 in this case.

Unfortunately, if it's there in black and white, I'm not sure what - if any - recourse you may have.

While there isn't much of a footprint for this particular casino, there is more for their parent company - a thread from last year suggesting Mountberg may be linked to another group called Danguad. Additionally, to quote a review from
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Sticky Wilds Casino are owned by Mountberg Limited B.V. This company is, in our opinion, closely associated with Danguad Limited, a group that holds Blacklisted status with this service.

A significant number of operators that previously ran on the Danguad Limited license switched to an alternative license under the name of Mountberg Limited, which at the point of coming to our attention operated solely properties that were previously owned by Danguad Limited. As such, it seems reasonable to conclude that Mountberg Limited are either a new license run by the same parties as Danguad Limited, or the casinos running on Mountberg Limited are all owned by the same group who have switched to a new provider.

If true, there is a CM warning to avoid them - avoid all Danguad casinos - Casinomeister Forum - and might be one for @maxd to revisit and renew if they're now using a new name to continue an old scam.

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