Gammix, Mountberg, Danguad, Myeg... all same and all fraud


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Jun 10, 2021
I really want to adress a topic about a brand run by fraudulent people.

Before starting, please excuse my english.

I would like to adress about behind those companies, because yes they are the same people.

About my story :
Those people really don't care about gamble awarness, and took advantage of me during a long time. I start playing after a promo of a french streamer, and wanted to "try". I did and close after I didn't won anything on it... They started to send me text and email to promote their others casinos...
I did try and closed some account, and become totally trapt on a scheme. They knew that with bonus, free spins, they will keep me. So they know exactly what to do to have me deposit a lot of money... like more than 80k in total...
I've asked them many times to close my account because I was loosing a lot of money, and they just didn't want it and offer 50€ bonus 100€ bonus.
I've told them about my issue by mail, and they just replied with : we are here to help, don't worry, and just offer bonus..
One day I've won on Wicked Circus, and the slot had a technical issue, I've made a screenshot showing the winning symbol (joker head givings a suprise wins between 500 and 6000 coins). I've sent it to them, and they never wanted to pay me...
I was disgusted, and asked them to close my account, as usual they offer me a 50€ bonus, I refuse, and asked everyday for weeks on chat to close my account for gamble issue...
They sent me finally the gamble aware email.
I've read online that those people never pay wins, lower RTP, and more...
I decide to took a lawyer and to do some research.

My research :

The company was found initially by a poker player : Giovanni Paticchio with his cousin Roberto Vatta and Osif Galea.
His first company was a poker night company : Just Bluff Limited, and was registred in London with as company director his wife Natasha Elms, and Barbara Kahan a old lady helping offshore and fraud investment company in UK :
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His then wanted more and start online casino, and also slot provider company : NETAGAME which create slot. Weird to be a casino owner and also the company providing the slot ??

It was easy to open a casino in Curaçao, the licence is cheap, and you only need a company management : (XCM management of Christopher Van Rosberg an NL native), who is in charge of it, and Andreas Tamasios, a Cyprus attorney is runing the management company in Cyprus with Roberto Vatta.
They start with so much name, and change, everytime their casino where blacklisted, the open a new company.... Money was is, and licence did nothing against them and the company management through years of scamming people.

Osif and Giovanni opened Gammix in Malta, same name of Gammix STS BV (sugar casino for example was under curaçao Gammix STS BV and curaçao licence), Sugar casino was first to change to be a Gammix Malta, but a lot of slot were directed under the curaçao licence...

Osif got arrested for money laundering : the money of Italian drugs was launder in casino, and left Giovanni in charge of Gammix...

First part of my research.

Details on Gammix LTD's LocoWin Casino here.
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Yes, we know on CM that these operations are RAF (dodgy) outfits already.

The link you provided here we have seen before, it has been mentioned on this forum previously - a domestic address in the UK which has thousands of businesses registered. In fact, if I recall right it was mentioned in conjunction with at least one supposedly legit casino which actually has a UKGC license.

If any other forum members can remember where this thread is and which casino it mentioned as using that same address, I'd be grateful to know!

Essentially, money obtained from overseas fraudulent unlicensed gambling has been 'cleaned' and used to expand into legit markets like the UK, as we once saw with fraud site Oceeanbets having the same backend as UKGC-licensed Bcasino.

@Sunflytoy is someone on here who also has knowledge of the dodgy connections within these groups.
@dunover thanks for your reply and information !

What do you think we can do against them ? I already sent a letter to MGA and to European concil about them and old connexion to arrest.
Thanksfully I've alert the European authorities about them, and the owner Giovanni Paticchio and Roberto Vatta
@dunover thanks for your reply and information !

What do you think we can do against them ? I already sent a letter to MGA and to European concil about them and old connexion to arrest.
Very little. It's down to the authorities, all we can do is avoid any of their scam casinos.
I had a reply just this morning of CEC and they are very interested, and asked me for more data, and all legal data I have. My lawyer is putting this to court. I really hope they go down.
Dr bet are they a scam or something .. Think that’s the thread I’m sure they have a uk residential address

You may be correct. I do recall Dr Bet's location turning out to be some random block of flats or a corner shop - something equally uninspiring that you definitely wouldn't want to see when investigating a UK-licensed casino.

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