SlotV took 86% of bonus winnings using unpublished Terms


Aug 4, 2022
Hi all.

This post is a serious warning about SlotV Casino (part of Avento Group). It is a long post with a lot of evidence to be shown, but here it is in a nutshell:

- I took welcome bonus, won bigly and started wagering
- SlotV changed the amounts that are counted towards wagering in each game I tried (those were not listed in rules) from 100% to 50% during my gameplay.
- After wagering my winnings were nearly 5000 euros
- Casino took almost everything - only 692,5 euros was left instantly after the last spins of wager.
- Casino did not have any rule justifying that kind of action. Any kind of rule was not found neither a day later.

Here you can read a full story:

I registered here SlotV Casino today on 3.8.2022 and took the 100% Welcome Bonus. I deposited 180 euros and so I got another 180 euros as a bonus.

I started to play and felt lucky today. I won over 3000 euros in a single game, and after the welcome bonus wagering requirement my balance was almost 5000 euros.

At the end of the wagering I felt great and was preparing myself for a big incoming withdraw. Instantly after the last wagering spins I realized something weird. My balance dropped from circa 5000 euros to 692,50 euros! (see the screenshot).

I asked the chat, and he told something really weird (see the chat screenshots). He told that today morning they had changed the bonus rules so that a person can only take 500EUR from bonus. However, any kind of this does not read on their web page in the bonus rules. The chat told me that they will only be read there on the next morning. I had accepted the rules I read from the web page, and I dont think casino should change the rules during my game session without noticing me or writing the rules down to be visible. Also during the playing session I realized that soon after I started playing certain game, I realized that they changed the amount that counts to wagering from 100% to 50%. These games are not listed in their web bage neither (screenshot). Examples: Fat Rabbit, Mystery Museum.

I read carefully the rules again, and it says in their bonus rules nothing about the maximum winning amount with bonus. I have added the rules here as well as a screenshot. I thought that giving a " 100% bonus up to 500EUR " means the maximum bonus amount, not the maximum winning amount.

On the very next day, 4.8.2022, I checked the bonus rules again. They are exactly the same (screenshots named bonusrules1_4_8 and bonusrules2_4_8). So they have not actually made new rules and they are not printed in their web page this morning as the chat agent told me yesterday.

Here is also a quote from their bonus rules section 1.5:

"1.5. If there is a bonus, the player's balance in the game is a single sum. Wagering of a bonus is for real money first, while the win is credited to the bonus account, and so it happens until the bonus is wagered. After bonus wagering, the sum goes to the real account. "

As you see from the last sentence, they promise that after wagering the whole balance should go to the real account. There is not any restrictions such 500e.

Feels more and more like a scam that they took nearly 5000 euros from my balance.

Please, help me in any possible way to get my money back.


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@WinMax , changed your thread title to better reflect your case. No offence intended.
I‘ve looked at the screenshot and one contains following rule:

Finland and Ireland players are allowed to turn 500€ max to real account after wagering.

Maybe this is the case?
There was not such text anywhere in the rules at the time I took the bonus. This rule was added on the next day when I had already wagered the bonus.

It must be that all the rules need to be listed in T&C at the time player takes the bonus.

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