Bitstarz complaint - max bet Terms not obvious


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Aug 27, 2017
Opened an account in June of this year. Deposited, received a bonus, and played through the bonus and somehow ended up making money.

Later went to withdraw, and started to receive the usual runaround in terms of KYC etc. Verified myself, and all seemed good, until I received an email after telling me all of my winnings were forfeit as apparently I had breached the T&Cs by wagering in excess of maximum wager whilst having an active bonus in the account.

Checked T&Cs - this was buried very deep, the maximum bet was 0.002 Eth (for which from memory my maximum bets would have been < 0.004 eth), at no point was I ever blocked from placing these bets or warned, my deposit would never have been refunded if I lost these, and it only happened AFTER I actually managed to win something. Similarly, there was no option to receive just the winnings of the bets placed within the 0.002 eth.

Frustrated to see such practices on a site which seemed to be well reviewed across here, Askgamblers etc.

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Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister

Yes, Bitstarz is fairly well received here and they are quite responsive to complaints we bring to them through our PAB (complaints) process. Of course that option is available to you but TBH claiming that the rules were "buried deep" and/or they should have stopped you from making those bets are neither very strong defences for Terms violations. Given that you are a fairly experienced gambler -- we handled a PAB case for you back in 2017 -- I for one would have expected you to know all this. That said we'll happily take your case to the Bitstarz rep if you are so inclined.

- Max
:thumbsup: PAB received, submitting it to the rep right away. Could have a response this afternoon.
Bitstarz are top notch and always very fair. Their bonus T&Cs are really easy to locate and understand?

They are not remotely hidden.
It seemed great until I tried to withdraw. The maximum bet amount is under General bonus T&Cs point 12 about 3/4 down the page when it'd be one of the key points. Have to agree to disagree on that
Hi everyone!

Just saw this, @maxd I replied to your email regarding this one.

I'm sorry you had a hard time finding the T&C's, (and this might be just my biased opinion), but in no way, shape or form
do we try to hide them. Perhaps you can give us some pointers on how to make them more visible?

If it's the case that there's a simple slip up where you breach the terms by place a couple of bets over the limit, we normally
let that slide. But you bet multiple times at roughly 0.4 ETH on roulette and proceeded to wager it on slots...

Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister

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