Roguish Casino Grand Bay reneged on crediting bonus to my account !!


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Apr 24, 2004
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I have been playing over at casino Grand Bay now for several years, but NO MORE after this BS I was told by Floyd in chat awhile ago...they advertise a 50% match bonus for deposits made on Monday as you can see from the pic I have included here. Now this window that the pic is made from pops up when you open up the casino software. So I decided great, sounds like a good I made a $100.00 deposit and lost it real quick.

So I wait awhile and check back to see if my $50.00 bonus has been credited yet, but to my surprise it has not I open up live chat to ask why and get the pleasure of speaking to some A##H*** named Floyd who was no help at all...I promised Floyd that I would let all my buddies over here at Casinomeister know how a good, long standing customer gets treated by the Grand Prive I have included the chat transcript and also the screenshot of the bonus promotion for your viewing pleasure...;)

In my opinion this is just plain and simple False Advertising and Bait to get customers to deposit on certain days and then deny them their bonus...Total BS IMO...:mad: I believe any casino group that wants to play this game should go on the ROGUE LIST faster that I can say..."Just Got Screwed" !! :rolleyes:

Casino Grand Bay Chat Log Sep. 01, 2008
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Floyd'

Floyd: Hello and welcome to our Live Chat service.We must verify you for safety and security reasons before we proceed.

Floyd: Kindly provide your full names, complete home address (for cashins), full phone number, date of birth and your registered email address.

Robert XXXXXX: Hi, I just wanted to check and see how long it would be before I received my 50% match bonus for my $100.00 deposit earlier ?

Robert XXXXXX: Robert XXXXXX Full Name and Address omitted

Robert XXXXXX: Email address and phone number omitted

Floyd: I have reviewed your account and you have been excluded for the promotions list.

Robert XXXXXX: Really ? Why is that ?

Robert XXXXXX: It said all Loyalty Flush members would receive a 50% match bonus on Mondays

Floyd: It means that your bonus claim has exceeded 40% and you do not qualify for any bonus offered at the casino.

Floyd: Your account gets monitored by the promotion department and they will add you back on the list once your promotion ratio balances with your deposits.

Robert XXXXXX: Jeeze, I can't even remember the last time I have received a bonus from you guys, you advertise in the pop up news message when I open the casino software that on Mondays you will receive a 50% match does not stipulate anything else

Robert XXXXXX: When is the last time you show that my account received a match promotion ?

Floyd: Yes the pop up was programmed to appear on all the casino,but if you do not qualify you will not be able to claim it.

Floyd: Your account was excluded from 02 July 2008.

Robert XXXXXX: Heck, thats the main reason I deposited with you guys today...I could have deposited elsewhere and received a bonus

Floyd: I see

Robert XXXXXX: Why on July 2nd ?

Floyd: That is the time the system picked your account for exceeding the 40% ratio.

Floyd: Detected the 40% ratio in other words.

Robert XXXXXX: Well hell, if thats the way you guys are going to treat a long standing customer with what I consider to be false advertising then just go ahead and close my account then,

Floyd: Ok it will be done.

Robert XXXXXX: Thanks, I will let all of my buddies over at casinomeister know too how you guys treat your good customers

Floyd: You are welcome.

Floyd: It has been a pleasure assisting you.

Floyd: Your account has been locked as per your request,is there anything else I can assist you with?

Floyd: Due to the lack of response from your side the chat will be ended in approximately 10 seconds.

What great customer service !! Wouldn't you guys agree...:lolup:
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I used to like to play there until they locked my account a few months ago because I'm from NY.

I have to say that when I spoke to them via phone or live chat, I feel like they gave very programmed responses. I had 955 (or close to it) loyalty points and I asked if they could bump me up to 1000 so I could play with $10.

They refused. I also told them I was a long time member and that I would tell everyone here about their lack of concern for loyal players.
IMO........Grand Prive has the most inept customer service that I've ever dealt with or at least that has been my experience with them.
Holy Crap Rob!!!!:eek: You know, some of us suggest not playing with all.....kinda hard for a casino to refuse you something you don't ask for............they sure are good at refusing stuff you DO ask for...:rolleyes: Regrettably Americans are spoiled with US laws re bait and switch, false advertising, etc......I guess not all countries have those laws.........maybe we should do a poll?

Appreciate the heads up though............if I plan on winning I'll be sure not to do it too much!:D

This is utter BS from these clowns. BTW, the part I like best was the bit where you said that you would inform all your CM buddies (including me hopefully:D) of this. You said this after you requested the closure of your account against many others who usually use this as a threat to obtain bonuses.:thumbsup:
It seems absolutely unethical and unfair behaviour!
And that's why I had always asked support if I qualified for the bonus or not, before deposit! Now I'm playing without any bonuses.
Thanks for the responses here guys and emphasizing with my situation, I really just wanted to let all of you know just in case...if they will pull this kind of S*#@ with one of their long time customers like myself then they will do it to anyone...Total BS IMO...:rolleyes:
That's horrible......even more so that they closed your account without even trying to keep you around. I wonder if the manager even knows that this is happening.
That's horrible......even more so that they closed your account without even trying to keep you around. I wonder if the manager even knows that this is happening.

Hmmm, that's a good question there Win, I'm not sure...but one thing for sure is they will not get any more thousands of dollars of deposits from me for this kind of service...can you believe that, over a measly $50.00...:rolleyes:
Hmmm, that's a good question there Win, I'm not sure...but one thing for sure is they will not get any more thousands of dollars of deposits from me for this kind of service...can you believe that, over a measly $50.00...:rolleyes:

Is there even a rep on board here?
Is there even a rep on board here?

Nope, I just looked and could not find one, that says a lot about them right there, the largest and most renowned internet gambling forum "Casinomeister" and they have no representation here...:rolleyes:

That's purdy damn obvious right there that they don't really give a rats ass about what the online gambling community is thinking.
Grand Prive is spreading the Joy...

Wow, They are really F**kin' Up...

Not only are they pissin' off many of their long time loyal players...
(and don't even seem to care that they are also losing these players...)

But it appears that they are also screwing over their long time affilliates
who bring them their players... (wow, the ungrateful #^*#!'s)

I guess they haven't felt the impact of losing all these players and affilliates
yet... since they shunned you just today... obviously they're still carrying on with this type of treatment towards their loyal players.

This is from an affilliate of Grand Prive, who promotes them extently...
this is proof that this casino doesn't give a rats @$$ about anyone...
player OR promoter...

"Dear xxxxx members,

It's with sadness, that I feel the need to suggest formally against depositing / playing at any Grand Prive Casino for our loyal forum members.

Over the years, they have made our 'deals' with them lesser and lesser and we don't get so much advertising revenue from them to back-up our contests funds when compared to any other Microgaming group.

This is not to say that they are not good for players, as I believe they are such, but they are not rewarding affiliates with the amounts we require to class them as 'VIP eligible' which is hence why they, unlike most other Microgaming Casinos, are not and have never been in our VIP section.

We suggest, therefore, to loyal forum members that you choose another place over Grand Prive.

We will still be advertising this group (on a minimal basis) , as, from a players point of view, we believe them to be fine, it's just that we don't get as good treatment from an affiliate point of view, and this counts heavily towards our Contests and VIP Rewards budgets every month.

I hope you will choose where you play with care and with the reassurance of playing with one of our VIP registered casinos so that you can get extra cash-back bonuses

Happy Gaming Always,

Ok, as if that isn't bad enough... look how they treated a loyal player like yourself, on her birthday! she apparently deposits quite often, but refused to give her a birthday bonus, based on the same grounds that they refused
to give you one today... deposit to bonus ratio... so rather than just bite the damn bullet, and cough up the miniscuel amount that they give for birthday bonus's , which i am sure would be later compensated for 100 x's over by this players ongoing future deposits... had they maintained customer
relations with the players instead of just letting them walk out the door for good... but sadly, it appears that they would rather lose the business of you loyal players... what a shame.


"I have been depositing several times a week at Casino Grand Bay for the past year, so I thought I would get a nice Birthday bonus, but instead,
the following is what happened:

Hi XXXX (casino player)

Thank you for your mail.

I have reviewed your query below and understand your frustration.

Please take into consideration the following details...

You have deposited a total of $2614.72 at the casino and received
$1187.42 in the form of bonuses.

You cashed in $940 at the casino, so you have received value
for your support shown to date.

Please note that promotional offers are based on your loyalty tier
status at the casino.

All players will have to make a deposit during the week of their
birthday in order for them to qualify for the birthday bonus.

It is a pity that we will be losing your business as you are one of the
loyal players that qualify for our daily offers, not all players are invited
to participate in these promotions.

Based on the above, please let me know if you still want to close your
account at the casino.

Once your account is closed, it will remain closed.

I Look forward to your response.



Player Services


so after seeing how that player was treated by Grand Prive, the affilliate
that was boycotting them, decided to flat out stop promoting them
all together! Way to go!

Dear all,

This is partly from what's been happening before, but also due to the recent increase in player complaints about them.

I've decided today that we will no longer be advertising Grand Prive Casinos (and for those that don't know - others related to this group- supposedly for 'support' only but I believe there is more to it than that .. ) ..

Big Dollar, Vil la Fortu na (the 2nd is split because it is auto-spammed) ..

The only banners you may see are those that have chosen to put them in their signatures (for now) But these will later be removed / replaced and are already no longer available from the Banners database.

Any others should be disappearing today/tomorrow ... in place of the many other microgaming casinos much more deserving of our advertising and your gambling cash.

xxxxx (affilliate)

So Keep It up Grand Prive... Keep on spreadin' the Joy...

soon enough they will sow what they reap.... it's gotta have an inpact

on them sooner or later, their long time players and affilliates are droppin'

like flies!

So don't feel bad Rob, at least it wasn't personal...

not that that is any consulation... just trying to make you feel better ;)
You have deposited a total of $2614.72 at the casino and received
$1187.42 in the form of bonuses.

You cashed in $940 at the casino, so you have received value
for your support shown to date.

:lolup: @ their last statement....of course they hate to see players go that have a 36% cashout rate.
You're Welcome!

kixxumass, thanks for all the great info there and the research you did...

Great Post !!


No Problem..... I am more than happy runnin' around online diggin' up crap on a janky casino trying to get over on a player!!

so many casinos are untrustworthy and lie Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

us players gotta stick together! Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) ( us - as in "us & them" - not us as in the us(a)

I should be "Mrs. Meister" ...Bryan's female counterpart!

woah!~ why does that not sound right?


You guys know what I mean!!

Too Funny!

kixxumass, thanks for all the great info there and the research you did...:thumbsup:

Great Post !!

I understand how u feel. I was just wondering can one take legal action against these casinos. Looks like we are always at the mercy of these casinos who seems to be able to do whatever they like.
I understand how u feel. I was just wondering can one take legal action against these casinos. Looks like we are always at the mercy of these casinos who seems to be able to do whatever they like.

I'm not sure Aloha, Great question though...I was hoping that Max or the Meister or VWM or Jet would put in their 2 cents here in this thread regarding the False Advertising but maybe they have not had a chance to read it yet...would like to hear their thoughts though regarding this matter...
...I was hoping that Max or the Meister or VWM or Jet would put in their 2 cents here in this thread regarding the False Advertising ....

My thoughts pretty much focus around the 40% rule that they appear to have built into their accounts system. The end result is that it's an auto-exclusion mechanism ... which they're obviously free to use but such a thing should be made _very_ clear, written right into the T&Cs for instance.

Speaking of their, meaning Casino Grand Bay specifically, T&Cs they have got a pretty explicit set of rules against "bonus abusers" (see "General Terms and Conditions for all Bonus-Promotions and Offers", 15 through 17). Every player should be aware of these terms because (a) they may well fall under these exclusionary rules without notice or warning and (b) many of us senior industry people don't support the whole "bonus abuser" concept in the first place: it's not "abuse" to live up to the terms of an agreement.

What a casino really means when they cough up the "bonus abuse" term is "we don't make enough money off of you". As we all know a bonus is a net that casinos use to catch fish. The bigger and floppier the fish the better. Casinos make lots of money of big, floppy fish. Bonuses are the casinos way to hunt fish.

The problem is that the bonus net catches the bonus hunters too, let's call them "sharks". It's not the shark's fault really, you throw fresh meat in the water you can pretty much expect them to show up. So far so good.

The point at which this starts to turn sour is when the casino institutes policies to penalize the sharks but rake in the fish. From a purely monetary point of view you can understand why they'd do this but from a customer relations point of view it becomes a nightmare, especially when such policies are not explicitly stated and agreed to by the player. And that brings us back to the issue at hand.

Apparently Grand Priv has taken an aggressive stance against so-called "bonus hunters" and that's something every current and potential Grand Priv player should be made aware of. If they've got an auto-exclusion threshold that they've implemented against players then that should be stated in the T&Cs and/or the bonus terms. After all they've picked 40% this week but next week it could be 20% or 60% or whatever. At some point that threshold is going to become pretty distasteful to the potential player and thus it should be stated up front. And last but not least the casino should alert a player when they've crossed the line and been added to the "bonus abuser" blacklist.

Now I'm well aware that Grand Priv will probably claim that the "bonus abuse" clauses are clear enough on this point but I don't think that's even half true. Remember, the term "bonus abuser" is about as meaningless and content-free as something like "those evil doers" or "the Axis of Evil", to pick a few purely random examples. :D Also, since the blacklisting can kick in at any time the player could all of a sudden be ineligible for a bonus and not know it, as in Rob's case, and that's not right either.

So the bottom line here for Rob is ... Pitch-A-Bitch! You've had arbitrary rules applied against you which you had no way of knowing about, assuming they hadn't previously notified you that you were on their "bonus abuser" blacklist.
I appreciate you taking the time to comment here Max, I will save my PAB Form for the one day that I might really need your help on a bigger issue especially since I have already closed my account with them on that very day I had the chat conversation. I more than anything else just wanted to hear your thoughts on this matter since I do respect your insight and opinions here.

Thanks again...:thumbsup:
This sort of bonus abuse claim by the casinos could be eliminated through the cashier as in Rival software. They decide whether the bonus is offered to the customer and once the player claims it the bonus is automatically there together with the Terms and Conditions. These tailor-made bonuses or the lack of them if they believe you are abusing them makes the whole thing pretty straightforward. In Robbie's case, the bonus offer would not appear and it would then be for him to decide whether to play without the bonus.

Maybe MG should take a hard look at the issue. Bonuses should be given automatically once claimed although the discretion to offer them rests with the casino.
Once upon a time.... GP was a great group of casinos. CS was above par, and marketing was generous with bonuses. Then things sort of went to heck in a handbasket with new management. Long time players were cut off from bonuses without notice or explanation. I suppose the bean counters were happy. Customers were not. And even though loyal, depositing players left in droves, it all boils down to: they just don't care.

I quit playing there.... as did many, many more players. They didn't care then, and they don't care now.
I always liked Grand Bay and made a lot of money @ sister casino Lake Palace, but this is just wrong. I don't think I will be playing at any of their casinos anymore...
They did the same thing to me. I have been playing there since they opened. They said I also hit the 40%....hmmmmm this is strange since it was after two cashins for 6,000 each! LOL and they paid me! at least I won and didnt loose
So, im happy

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