Bonus Complaint Nopeampi refuses to credit me with a bonus from a campaign they advertised


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Nov 7, 2012
First of all, I got an email from Suomikasino, which is a sister casino of Nopeampi, advertising that if I register and deposit there I will get 15e bonus money and 100FS. The FS are without wager, the bonus money has wager of X20, no win cap. I deposited, lost both depo+bonus.

That's alright.

Now, Nopeampi keeps sending me an email where it says that on my next deposit I can claim 100% deposit match bonus for the casino OR 15€ bonus money for the live casino OR 10€ free bet. In the terms it says for the casino bonus you'd need to redeem it before depositing, and sure enough it was available for me. For the live casino money however, all it says is that you must deposit any amount and wager at least 30 euro, to receive 15 euro for **the live casino with 1x wager** with 1000€ cap on winnings. An entirely different 15 euro from the first one I already received, wouldn't you agree?

So I deposited 30 euro, declined the 100% match bonus and lost the money at evolution games. Didn't get the bonus. I go on live chat and "Jason" is effectively telling me to fuck off and closes the chat on me, after claiming that I've already redeeemed this bonus and that their casino do not offer 15 euro bonus on signup even though I literally have proof of the email I got from suomikasino?! He is refusing to refund my deposit or do anything for me, and I certainly would not have deposited if I had known I wasn't gonna get the bonus money they advertised.

Hi, welcome to our live chat! How are you doing today? We would like to apologize for our response in English, kindly note that you have reached our English Chat customer support. Requesting you rephrase your query in English to assist you better.

Hey. So I did a deposit of 30eur and played it thru the live casino couple days back. I was *supposed* to get 15 eur with 1x wager for the live casino by doing that, but i did not. Where did I go wrong? I cant find the gift icon in the live casino lobby and the site is still offering me the 100% match for the casino which i did not want as i wanted the live casino bonus instead

Let me help you :) In order to confirm your account ownership, could you please provide your : -Email ID? & Your postal code/Zip code?


Thank You, Checking.
One moment, please
I can see your account now. What offer is this? Could you please send me a screenshot/Weblink of the offer to check this with our team?

This is the email but you also keep sending me sms like every day stating the same offer
i got one sms today too for the same damn offer even tho i already "used" it except that i didnt get the bonus

Okay, let me check
One moment please

in the email it says to activate the live casino bonus i need to do req deposit (30eur), play it through once at evolution games and doing that would activate the 15e 1x wager bonus but.. it did not

Thank you for your patience. I noticed that you already received and used the EUR 15 free money on the 17th of Oct. Since you already used this, you will not get this again. You can ignore the messages you are receiving in regards to this bonus, as they are just reminders for players if they have not used the bonus. Now you are only eligible for 100% casino deposit bonus, which you may activate with your next deposit.

thats not true at all. i got 15 eur bonus money on 17th of october yes because thats when i registered, but that was the welcome offer i got by using an affiliate link of suomikasino. that has nothing to do with the live casino
and the bonus money i got on 17th of october was not for live casino with 1x wager. it is an entirely different thing

We do not offer any affiliate offers(No deposit bonuses) for our new players upon signing up. The EUR 15 is the bonus you are referring to, that allows the player to play both casino and live casino games (literally lying here..)

It was not a no-deposit bonus, it was a bonus of 15 euro + 100 freespins upon registration and deposit. that's entirely different from the email i just got. the email says i get 15e money for live casino by depositing and wagering 30e through live casino. the 15e money i got from registration is not related whatsoever, was not tied to live casino, and did not have 1x wager
i literally have the email from suomikasino in front of me where they advertise their "sister casino" nopeampi for 15e + 100 spins
i sure as hell wouldnt have deposited the 30eur and lost it if i had known you werent gonna honor the promo you sent me

We are going in circles discussing the same thing again and again. You have already received and used the bonus, so you will not get this again. If you wish you can make use of the 100% deposit bonus.
Is there anything else I may assist with?

you literally cant read then, cool
i have not used the bonus

Thank you for using our live chat service. I am now closing this chat. We are always happy to assist, so never hesitate to contact us if you ever have any further questions or concerns. Please note that during the daytime, the fastest way to get in touch is our Live Chat which is open 7 days a week between 08:00-21:00 hours.


What the fuck Jason? What am I supposed to do now? Please someone tell me where I used this bonus even though the terms are completely different. Both might be valued at 15 euro but they are not the same bonus. All he can do for me is give me the 100% bonus if I i deposit again? What the fuck? Why would I deposit again?!

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