Dreams Casino Review

Can this Virtual Casino Group Site Turn Things Around?

By Casinomeister, Last updated Nov 11, 2023

Casinomeister's Verdict

Dreams Casino has a bit of a checkered past for quite a number of things. That was then – this is now. We are in direct contact with their complaints department, so that is a definite good point. But if you chose to play there, please do at your own risk. Caveat Emptor.

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First Impression

Dreams Casino is an online casino that has been around since the 1990s. First launched as Cirrus Casino, it relaunched as an instant-play casino in 2015. The casino is owned and operated by the Virtual Casino Group and is licensed to operate from the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. Dreams Casino is powered exclusively by Realtime Gaming (RTG).

Today, Dreams Casino exclusively uses games powered by Realtime Gaming and focuses its banking options on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The casino offers a decent selection of slots and video poker but lacks table games and live dealer options. While the instant play interface works well enough, the website contains outdated information and clunky design elements. Dreams Casino is still working to overcome its reputation for poor customer service, but today, it offers live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and email support.

Dreams Casino accepts players from most jurisdictions but does not accept users from the UK, most of Europe, or several other restricted countries. The casino encourages responsible gambling but does not offer concrete tools for limiting play or self-exclusion. Players have reported frustration with their verification process and withdrawal times in the past, though new automated systems may expedite payouts.

Now, addressing the elephant in the room, the Virtual Casino Group hasn’t always been in the good books of many players. A history marred with slow payments and underwhelming customer service is hard to overlook. However, it’s noteworthy that a change seems to be on the horizon. Dreams Casino, a member of this group, is also showing signs of improvement, and in this Dreams Casino review, we will look at why and what you can now expect at this instant-play casino.


  • Good selection of RTG games

  • There are a few progressive jackpot games

  • Cryptocurrencies accepted


  • Abysmal reputation

  • No gambling license

  • Their responsible gambling stance is poor

Deposit Bonus & Other Promotions

At the time of writing, Dreams Casino’s promotions page did not load. While many other websites talk about their bonuses and promotions, we do not feel comfortable talking about any specific promotions unless we know the exact details. Subsequently, we haven’t included a welcome bonus section below.

No-Deposit & Free Spins Offers

Dreams Casino offers no-deposit bonuses, but the exact no-deposit bonuses you can claim vary quite a bit, mainly depending on the country you live in. While no-deposit bonuses are always a great way of trying out a casino without risking any of your money, they come with their fair share of terms and conditions.

Firstly, the wagering requirements are always high; this isn’t something exclusive to Dreams Casino – and, writing this Dreams Casino review, we were somewhat surprised with the terms; wagering-wise, at least, they’re pretty fair.

According to the site’s terms and conditions, if you play games like video slots, Keno, scratch cards, and bingo, you’re looking at wagering requirements of 40X. However, casino table games and video poker games come with higher turnover requirements, 60X, so this is something to keep in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t redeem multiple no-deposit bonuses one after the other. If you’ve already used a no-deposit bonus, you must make a real-money deposit before claiming another. You may be restricted from claiming another if you’ve used a no-deposit bonus code at a Virtual Casino Group site.

Now, onto the payment terms; the maximum amount you can withdraw from any no-deposit bonus at Dreams Casino is, unfortunately, just one times the face value of the bonus, so you’re going to struggle to withdraw anything meaningful from claiming one.

Also worth pointing out is that your account balance must be below $5 for you to claim any no-deposit bonuses – including no-deposit free spins – and Dreams Casino requires players from certain countries to have deposited any winnings from no-deposit bonuses can be withdrawn.

It’s best to check with customer support to clarify the country restrictions if you’re ever unsure – and you should do this before claiming a free chip or using a bonus code you found online.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

When it comes to the loyalty program at Dreams Casino, there needs to be more information available, especially for VIP programs – which may or may not exist. The only mention of a VIP program we could find was this: “As a VIP player, you’ll get “more benefits, higher bonuses, and increased table limits.” But that’s about it – and they also state that if you’re interested in becoming a VIP player, you must reach out to their VIP Department directly, which doesn’t give you much to go on.

Now, they offer a Comp Points system, but even this has limitations. Let’s break it down:

  1. You earn Comp points only while playing certain games. They don’t specify which games, and even a dive into their terms and conditions didn’t bring up anything concrete.
  2. You can’t earn points using a No Deposit Bonus or playing with previously redeemed Comp points. This is a pretty standard term – although it’s unclear whether the second part refers to already-wagered funds.
  3. The conversion rate is 100 Comp points for $1.00; this is pretty standard at Realtime Gaming-powered online casinos, so nothing out of the ordinary here.
  4. You need at least 1,000 Comp points to redeem them. That means you need to earn enough points to equate to $10 before you can use them – again, a pretty common term and nothing that concerns us.
  5. Your account balance must be $0, and you can’t have any pending withdrawals to redeem Comp points. This is a bit more unusual – hence the importance of reading the fine print in the terms and conditions.
  6. Comp point conversions aren’t wager-free, unfortunately; you’re looking at 40X playthrough requirements for video slots, Bonus Bingo, Keno, and all scratch cards, while casino table games and video poker carry 60X wagering requirements.
  7. There are a few excluded games, too; for example, you won’t be able to play Roulette, Craps, or Baccarat.

Notable Term: When writing this Dreams Casino review, we came across the term “8. Comp points come with a 1-time maximum withdrawal limit. You must have a playthrough balance of 0 before requesting a withdrawal. All bonuses are non-cashable and will be removed before request approval.”

We want to focus on the first sentence in this term; it’s unclear, ambiguous, and could mean several things – so some clarification from the Virtual Casino Group would be good here. The Comp Points system at Dreams Casino leaves a lot to be desired.

The terms are pretty restrictive, some are unclear, and in our opinion, if you choose to play at this online casino based in Costa Rica, you’re better off viewing these Comp Points as a minor perk of playing rather than anything overly beneficial to you.

Sign up screenshots

dreams casino signups


Dreams Casino seems to be heavily focusing on cryptocurrencies for its payment methods; while its terms and conditions hint at other payment methods, we were still looking for signs you can use non-crypto payment methods at their site. There seems to be some supporting evidence from a comment made by their rep in the forum – more on this later.

Below, we’ll go through the different cryptocurrencies you can use at Dreams Casino, which may help you decide if it’s the right fit for you, given its tainted reputation. We’ll briefly introduce even coin and then give you the minimum deposit limits, fees, and maximum limits.


Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to come into existence in 2009. Created by an anonymous person (or group) known as Satoshi Nakamoto, it was designed to be a decentralized form of currency that operates without a central bank. The transactions are recorded on a public ledger called a blockchain. Over the years, Bitcoin has become the world’s most well-known crypto, and it’s available at virtually every crypto casino.

  • Minimum deposit: $30
  • Fees: None
  • Maximum limit: Unlimited


Litecoin was created in 2011 by a former Google engineer, Charlie Lee, as an alternative to Bitcoin. It was designed to have faster transaction confirmation times and a different hashing algorithm. Litecoin gained popularity quite quickly, although, in recent years, its speed benefits have somewhat diminished as the network it runs on has been overloaded with transactions.

  • Minimum deposit: $30
  • Fees: None
  • Maximum limit: Unlimited

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash originated from a hard fork of Bitcoin in 2017. The reason for the split was to increase the number of transactions that could be processed. Bitcoin Cash aims to solve some of its issues, like slow transaction speeds and high fees, but it’s nowhere near as popular as Bitcoin nor as easy to purchase. Still, it’s available at many great casino sites – and Virtual Casino Group appears to accept it across all its brands.

  • Minimum deposit: $30
  • Fees: None
  • Maximum limit: Unlimited


Dogecoin started as a meme-based joke in 2013 but quickly gained a strong community following. Created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, the coin features the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme as its logo. Despite its less serious origins, Dogecoin has been used for tipping and donations and has found its way into online gambling. Many good casinos now accept it – although, unfortunately, some of the worst casino sites in the world also use it.

  • Minimum deposit: $30
  • Fees: None
  • Maximum limit: Unlimited


Unlike Bitcoin, which aims to act solely as a digital currency, Ethereum was created with more purposes in mind. Launched in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum allows smart contracts and distributed applications (DApps) to be built and operated without downtime, fraud, or interference from a third party. This makes it highly versatile but more complicated for the average user. Still, it’s available at many crypto sites and generally boasts faster speeds than Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

  • Minimum deposit: $30
  • Fees: None
  • Maximum limit: Unlimited

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple, or XRP, serves as both a platform and a currency. The Ripple network was designed to facilitate fast, inexpensive cross-border transactions, making it popular with financial institutions. Created in 2012, Ripple differs from other cryptocurrencies because it doesn’t aim to replace traditional money but serves as a transaction middleman.

  • Minimum deposit: $30
  • Fees: None
  • Maximum limit: Unlimited

It should be noted that while all of the cryptocurrencies Dreams Casino accepts are fee-free, this is only on the casino’s end; you will still pay a fee each time you make a deposit or withdrawal, but this fee is paid to the crypto network, not the casino – and it’s tiny, so you usually won’t notice it much.

Dreams Casino Withdrawal Speed

We won’t get into the details too much here; you can see in the Casinomeister forums and other websites the ins and outs – but Dreams Casino and other brands in the Virtual Casino Group picked up a reputation for delayed payments, slow withdrawal request processing – and it wasn’t unusual to see players posting “still no money” or complaints along those lines.

However, with the rebranding/relaunch of the site and the new management team associated with it, they’re attempting to change this. For example, their rep stated:

“Most Bitcoin-depositing players have the option of withdrawing using Coindraw.  This fully automated function means our Withdrawals and Finance Departments are not involved.  We’ve also employed Hooyu, a document validation service.

With Hooyu, players simply upload their documents, and we are notified if the docs are acceptable or if further scrutiny is necessary.  Between Coindraw and Hooyu, our Withdrawals and Finance teams are less overwhelmed, and as a result, payments have been consistent and far more quickly.”

This implies that the casino cannot control Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and payout speeds. In principle, this sounds great. However, it remains to be seen whether this will be the case, but we can say that player complaints at Virtual Casino Group casinos are down significantly.

Payout Terms, Limits, and Confusion

Now, here’s where, again, conflicting information comes into play. On the casino’s terms and conditions page, it states:


1. Dreams must first review and approve all withdrawal requests before being sent for payment.

2. To the best of our abilities, all withdrawal requests made by depositing customers shall be reviewed within one business day from the date of the request.

3. Payments will, in most cases, be made instantly following approval, but while Dreams endeavors to pay out withdrawals instantly, in some cases, a withdrawal may take up to 72 hours or longer to process.

4. A maximum of $2,500 will be approved per 24-hour period. A maximum of $10,000 will be approved per 168-hour period. Ineligible requests will be denied within that time frame. Exceptions may apply based on the customer’s standing and activities with Dreams.”

So, contrary to what the casino rep told us, their official terms and conditions page states Dreams Casino DOES manually approve all crypto requests – and they also state that they will “to the best of their abilities” process withdrawals within one business day.

This seems to contradict what they told us. In terms of limits, you can see a daily withdrawal limit of $2,500 – which isn’t the worst in the world but certainly isn’t going to be that appealing for high rollers.

Average Based on 3 real users

30 December, 2015
United Kingdom
02 May, 2016
United Kingdom
13 September, 2016
United Kingdom

Responsible Gaming

Regarding responsible gambling, Dreams Casino definitely lets itself down here. There’s no mention of responsible gambling tools on their website, no dedicated page, and nothing in the footer. Even the terms and conditions don’t mention any personal limits – or even self-exclusion. This is a non-negotiable area where they need to improve.

To make matters worse, we found this concerning clause in their terms and conditions:

“There is no age requirement to play the games for fun; however, in order to play for real money, you must be at least 21 years of age and also the legal age of majority for your jurisdiction.”

Now, that may sound harmless at first. Still, the casino essentially says that underage gamblers are allowed to use their website to play for free – something utterly unacceptable under any circumstances.

In the future, if Dreams Casino and other Virtual Group Casino properties are serious about turning things around and improving their reputation, they need to address issues like this. At the very least, we expect to see a self-exclusion facility available – ideally, more.

Customer Support

One way that Dreams Casino appears to be improving its reputation and treatment of players is through customer support. This is more important than ever, especially when considering the turbulent history of the Virtual Casino Group.

Dreams Casino has streamlined its approach today, offering two primary channels: live chat and email. The live chat feature is the easiest way to contact the customer support team. It operates in real time, eliminating the annoyance of waiting for an answer via email. Whether it’s a query regarding a deposit bonus, information on how to use an instant play casino or free chip promotional questions – the live chat customer support team can help with most issues.

On the other hand, if your question is more technical or requires a dedicated team to look into it, you’ll need to email the casino. Their customer support email address is support@dreamscasino.com. While response times aren’t as fast as live chat, email is a better option when you want a clear paper trail or submit sensitive documents or information.


Now, let’s talk about account verification, known as a Know Your Customer (KYC) check. According to their terms and conditions:

“Before a withdrawal can be processed, the player may be required to provide a government-issued photo ID and a clear selfie of themselves. We might also ask the player to verify their BTC crypto wallet address by making a small BTC deposit before any payout can be sent to said crypto wallet address. Dreams reserves the right to request additional information to validate user accounts.”

Let’s be very clear: this is an area where Dreams Casino (and all associated brands) has a poor reputation. Shady casinos often use account verification checks to stall withdrawals – or prevent paying them altogether – which is something Dreams Casino was notorious for back in the day.

However, let’s look at what the casino’s rep told Casinomeister again:

“We’ve also employed Hooyu, a document validation service.  With Hooyu, players simply upload their documents, and we are notified if the docs are acceptable or if further scrutiny is necessary.  Between Coindraw and Hooyu, our Withdrawals and Finance teams are less overwhelmed, and as a result, payments have been consistent and far swifter.”

This implies that – where possible – the Know Your Customer (KYC) checks are fully automated and handled by a third-party company. If this works as advertised, that’s excellent news for players; however, it’s still up to the casino to approve or deny withdrawals, so only time will tell whether this pans out well.

We recommend verifying your account once it’s created if you play here. Doing so will ensure the casino gives their permission for you to play, and means you minimize the risk of them turning around and saying, “You have duplicate accounts,” or “You self-excluded in the past,” and so on.

Website Experience and Features

Desktop and Mobile Gaming

dreams casino mobile screenshot taken on 11/10/2023

At first glance, Dreams Casino seems to offer a decent interface. The homepage is pretty straightforward, with tabs for different gaming categories. But as you delve deeper, certain aspects of the site need attention.

Let’s start with the layout. While the design is simple (and much better than most of what we see from RTG-powered sites), it lacks the refined look that some better online casinos offer. There are two navigation menus on the left-hand side and one hamburger menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Aside from a Signup and Login button, there’s not much else to look out at.

dreams casino mobile screenshot taken on 11/10/2023

We also found several issues in the game’s terms and conditions and FAQs. For example, they’ve mentioned – many times – features, games, or promotions that simply don’t exist anymore, and they should update all of their website to ensure it remains relevant today. This is crucial regarding bonus terms and conditions, for example.

dreams casino mobile screenshot taken on 11/10/2023

As Dreams Casino now uses HTML5 technology and is an instant-play casino, you can, technically, play on your mobile devices. However, their mobile-optimized website is basic, and you won’t find a dedicated mobile casino app to download.

Downloadable Software: Advertised But Not Available?

Interestingly, Dreams Casino’s main FAQ page still includes information about their downloadable software, even listing Windows 95 as the minimum system requirement. This software is no longer available, having been phased out in favor of modern, browser-based gaming options. This is now known as instant-play gaming.

However, if we go on a trip down memory lane, Dreams Casino (and all other Virtual Casino Group properties) used to use standard Realtime Gaming (RTG) clients. Back then, Virtual Casino Group claimed to offer the “fastest downloading casino package on the net.” To our amusement, their website still notes:

Connection Speed

Approximate Download Time

56K Moden

Nine minutes

DSL / Cable Modem / T1

Less than 30 seconds

However, the software had its limitations. It was incompatible with Macintosh operating systems, so Apple users had to resort to the Instant Play Casino, which allowed gameplay directly in the web browser. AOL users could download and use the software if they had AOL version 3.0 or later.

It also made us laugh to see they still listed – ancient – software requirements, stating: “The minimum system requirements for our software are a Pentium 90, Windows 95+, and 16 MB RAM.”

This is an interesting look at how much the online gambling world has changed; although it doesn’t look great for Dreams Casino, all of this information is still readily accessible on their website.

Of course, today, virtually all players – and casinos – have moved away from downloadable software, favoring HTML5-based browser-play instead. This is much easier to use, doesn’t require any downloads, and with today’s state-of-the-art internet speeds – downloadable casinos simply aren’t needed.

Brand games


Dreams Casino is powered exclusively by RealTime Gaming, a pretty well-known game developer in the online gambling world – and a company that’s been around since 1998.

Here’s what Dreams Casino claims: “We have 200+ games with new updates and games being developed regularly. With such a diverse selection, you will surely find the perfect casino entertainment to suit your needs.”

Does the claim live up to the reality? Let’s find out!


Dreams Casino presents a pretty visually appealing online slots section organized into a grid format, showcasing a range of slot games. Each slot is represented by a thumbnail, making it easy to get an idea of the game’s theme and style if you’re not already familiar with it.

At the top of the slots section, you can see a navigation bar offering filters such as “Sort By” and “Themes.” This functionality lets you quickly find different games, and there’s also a search tool, allowing you to directly search for a specific slot game if you already have one in mind.

Below, we will look at a few of the more popular video slots we found while writing this Dreams Casino review.

Plentiful Treasure

plentiful treasure by realtime gaming

Embark on a fortune-filled quest in Plentiful Treasure, a vibrant Chinese-themed slot from RTG. This 5-reel game is packed with bonuses and features, and it boasts four progressive jackpots, too. Symbols like turtles, frogs, and lotuses can be seen on the reels, and the graphics are superb, showcasing what Realtime Gaming’s newer slots are capable of in terms of design.

While the 94.80% RTP and high volatility aren’t the best in the world, US players are used to much worse – and there’s still some decent win potential. If you land Tripod scatter symbols, you will trigger the free spins bonus and will receive eight free spins. During the bonus, wins are multiplied by 3X, making it easier to form big wins.

Sweet 16 Blast

sweet 16 blast by realtime gaming

Indulge your sweet tooth in Sweet 16 Blast, a new six-reel video slot from RTG. This candy-themed video slot uses a cascading reels mechanic combined with cluster pays, so any time you match eight or more symbols, they will disappear from the reels.

The Sweet 16 scatter symbols award ten free spins where gummy bear multipliers from 2X to 100X can land on the reels – so if you hadn’t noticed, this is a clone of Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza. Still, the win potential is excellent, as you can win up to 50,000X your bet.

Samba Jackpots

samba jackpots by realtime gaming

Join the party in Samba Jackpots, an energetic slot from RTG that takes you straight to the heart of Rio’s carnival. The game is a 5-reel slot with 40 paylines packed with vibrant visuals of dancers and street performers. While you spin, the catchy samba tunes keep the atmosphere festive. Watch for the wild mask symbols; they’ll help you score wins by substituting for other symbols.

If you land scatter symbols, you’ll trigger ten free spins and even get expanded wild reels. But the natural attraction of the game is, undoubtedly, the jackpot; landing enough gold coins could net you up to 1,250X your bet, and while it’s a high variance game, it’s surprisingly good fun to play!

Jackpot Saloon

jackpot saloon by realtime gaming

Get ready for a showdown in Jackpot Saloon, a 5-reel, 20-line slot from RTG. This game throws you into the Wild West, with symbols like steam trains, horses, and saloon girls. You must collect matching stars above the reels to kick off the free spins.

But that’s not all – look for money bag scatters to unlock the Pick Bonus for quick wins. The game might look a bit dated, but it runs smoothly and captures the spirit of the frontier pretty well. Volatility is high, so hold onto your cowboy hats. The two bonus rounds offer enough chances to score some solid wins.

That’s just a small selection of the video slots we found at Dreams Casino while writing this review. You can find New, Popular, and Jackpot games from the main “Online Slots” menu.

Cash Bandits 2

cash bandits 2 by realtime gaming

Cash Bandits II is a popular slot game known for its straightforward gameplay and unique theme. It’s the second installment in the series by Realtime Gaming, and this sequel maintains the charm of the original while adding some exciting new features into the mix.

Set against the backdrop of a bank heist, you’ll find yourself drawn into the world of robbers and cops. The game boasts five reels and 25 paylines, and a wide variety of bet sizes, making it suitable for players on all budgets.

There are many bonuses and features to look forward to, including a Vault Feature triggered by landing three or more scattered “Robber” symbols. This opens the to a “Pick me Bonus” where you can win free spins and multipliers. It’s possible to begin the feature with as many as 190 free spins and a 17X multiplier – so there’s clear win potential on offer!

Live Online Casinos

Unfortunately, this casino doesn’t offer any live dealer games. Realtime Gaming powers it, and while RTG is known for a range of online slots, table games, and video poker, live dealer games are not in their lineup now. Strangely, the terms and conditions of Dreams Casino mention live dealer games, so it’s unclear why there aren’t any live casino games available.

However, as we’ve already seen, their terms and conditions are anything but up-to-date – so keep this in mind before playing here as, if you’re looking for live dealer games, you may want to consider a different casino.

Table Games and Video Poker

Dreams Casino provides solid video poker, but in our opinion, it falls pretty short of conventional casino table games. Poker, however, is widely available, with more than a dozen titles offering single and multi-hand variants. You’ll be able to enjoy titles like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Bonus Poker alongside other classics like Loose Deuces, All American Bonus Poker, and Double Double Bonus. All video poker games have their dedicated game tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

So, while the video poker offering may be impressive, we can’t, unfortunately, say the same about the casino table games. You will find a few blackjack games – but we mean a few, and you’ll only find Blackjack, Perfect Pair + Blackjack, and Suit’em Up Blackjack. There’s just one Baccarat game, one Tri-Card Poker – and there isn’t even any mention of Roulette from the ‘table games’ tab!

However, on further inspection, there is one European Roulette game tucked away under the ‘Specialty Games’ tab – which is a pretty strange place to put it, in our opinion!

Regarding other Specialty Games, you’ll find just three: Keno, Banana Jones, and Fish Catch. It’s a minimal selection, and unlike a great casino, where you’ll find an abundance of choice – Dreams Casino has a long way to go to bring its game portfolio up to speed with today’s expectations.

Progressive Jackpots

Dreams Casino may not have the most extensive game selection, but it offers a relatively decent number of progressive jackpot slots. You can enjoy games with jackpot totals worth tens of thousands of dollars thanks to RTG’s linked jackpot network.

We like that you can see the current jackpots for each game right in the main lobby, and while it’s not the most extensive collection of progressive slots we’ve ever seen, it does include some RTG fan favorites, some of which we’re sure you’ll recognize. Below, we’ll look at a few of these progressive jackpot titles at Dreams Casino.


zhanshi by realtime gaming

Zhanshi transports you to ancient China, where warriors battle for honor and fortune across a five-reel, three-row layout. This oriental slot comes alive through its lone wild – the Warrior, who doubles all payouts when forming part of a win. There are two free spin modes triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 of the scatter symbols anywhere in view. Firstly, there’s the Raid the Throne round, taking you behind enemy lines and awarding 3X multipliers on all wins, and second, the Courtyard Spins, a re-trigger-based bonus with additional free spins awarded for revealing hidden Warriors.

Alongside these features, Zhanshi boasts a four-tiered progressive jackpot that can strike anytime, the game’s main attraction. Each time you spin the reels, a tiny portion of your stake is taken and pooled with the jackets. There are four of them in total – the Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini – and all four are awarded randomly in the base game, as is typical with most RTG slots. While all players can win the progressive jackpot, your chances of doing so increase with higher bet sizes.

Mighty Drums

mighty drums by realtime gaming

Mighty Drums by RTG is your ticket to an exciting Asian world where you’ll find five reels and wins paid by a win-both-ways mechanic. Look out for golden-stacked wilds, as these can land with multipliers of up to 5X attached!

If you land enough scatter symbols, you’ll hear the sound of drums in the distance; you’ll have triggered the feature, initially awarded ten free spins. These spins remove low-value symbols, leaving you with the premiums – increasing your chances of winning.

However, the game’s main attraction is undoubtedly the progressive jackpot bonus, with four to win: the Major, Minor, Mini, or Grand.to up your winning chances. Unlike many software provider’s games, this jackpot is awarded through a “Pick me Bonus” rather than randomly. You simply must match three identical jackpot symbols to win!

Fortunate Buddha

fortunate buddha by real time gaming

Float along peaceful water gardens in Fortunate Buddha, a laidback 50-line slot from RTG. There are some great wins on offer, both in the base game and the main bonus – and the biggest base game wins come from the Budda while, which substitutes for all other symbols, bar scatter symbols, and Fortune Orbs.

These Orbs unlock a collection-based round where you can reveal instant prizes or one of four progressive jackpots. A great free spins bonus is triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere in view. Fortune Buddha is an RTG game worth checking out if you want a laid-back slot with a relaxing, mellow vibe.

Rudolph’s Revenge

rudolphs revenge by realtime gaming

Rudolph’s gone rogue in this festive 50-line RTG slot, putting a fun spin on the holidays. Stacked Rudolph wilds can be found on all the reels, giving you some great win potential and ensuring you can form big wins during the base game, too.

If you can lad seven scatter symbols anywhere in view, you’ll trigger the free spins bonus round. During the free spins, all wins are doubled, and there are additional wilds on the reels, too.

Finally, the progressive jackpot – the core attraction of the slot – is awarded by landing a five-of-a-kind combo of the Rudolph symbols. While the game doesn’t tend to offer life-changing wins, you can still pick up four and five-figure payouts, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something to enjoy during the festive season!

About the Team and History

Dreams Casino, formerly Cirrus Casino, emerged in the 1990s before rebranding and undergoing changes while maintaining its management under the Virtual Casino Group. This group, known for its roots in Costa Rica, has a tainted history with slow casino payouts, often blamed on fraudulent activities by some players. Despite this, Dreams Casino remains a popular brand, and many players took the option that they’ll “pay eventually” – unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case.

Regarding licensing, you should know that the Virtual Casino Group, which operates Dreams Casino, initially started by offering unlicensed casino games. Cirrus Casino had a terrible reputation for this, and while they offered an attractive sign-up bonus, Cirrus Casino was eventually forced to rebrand due to the lack of licensing. Today, based in Costa Rica, they operate at least partially legally – but the specifics of their current licensing arrangements aren’t publicly disclosed, which is a red flag for potential players.

Max at Casinomeister has written a fantastic Virtual Casino Group overview, which you can read here. We’ll highlight some key points he brought up – and expand on them – in the Complaints and Track Record section below.

As for restricted countries, there are quite a few, with some notable exclusions to be aware of, like Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, Cambodia, Denmark, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Philippines, Romania, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Somalia, Serbia, Myanmar, Belarus, Liberia, Kuwait, and Ethiopia. Particularly from Europe, players from Denmark, Romania, Serbia, and Belarus. UK players are unable to play, but US players are.

Complaints and Track Record

If you’ve been online gambling for a while, you will probably remember sites like Cirrus Casino and other Virtual properties. Cirrus Casino and others were renowned for slow casino payouts, casino bonuses with unfair terms and conditions, and sometimes sites that would happily take all your money without paying you when you won.

As a result, they’ve got a pretty bad reputation in the Casinomeister forum. So, why are we updating this review, removing them from the rogue pit, and putting them into the Neutral Zone?

Again, Read Max’s Excellent Article Here.

However, we will briefly summarize some of his key takeaways now. Firstly, what’s happening today? There’s been a noticeable change in the Virtual Group – and how they handle issues – and the number of formal complaints against Virtual Casino Group, and by extension, Dreams Casino, has been steadily declining. Unlike in 2013, when they first went on Probation, this time, it feels different – like a real turnaround.

The group has made changes in its management. There’s new staff onboard, and they appear to be committed to doing things right. Dreams Casino, following in these new footsteps, shows signs of genuine improvement, especially when handling player complaints.

They’ve also made significant changes in their payout system by utilizing automated Verification and Payout systems – thanks to Coindraw. These tools have helped streamline the verification and withdrawal process, ensuring players get their money faster and fewer complaints.

And if you’re curious about the numbers – let’s look at the number of complaints from all sites in the group. They’ve dropped significantly, from around 100 complaints per month in 2021 to roughly 30 complaints per month in 2023. That’s a significant drop, not just because players are leaving. The group is opening new sites.

So, while the Virtual Casino Group isn’t entirely out of the woods yet, they’re on the right path, and Dreams Casino is part of that journey. They’ve moved from being an industry rogue to (we hope) a casino that’s showing it can change for the better.

Casinomeister Forum Complaints

Here at Casinomeister, we always give you the facts and attempt to be as impartial as possible. So, below, we’ll show you some noteworthy threads from the forum and look at what our members say about Dreams Casino and the Virtual Group.

For example, TheSlotsMan1978 wrote:

“Hi everybody, I need help. I hope I didn’t make a bad move. I signed up at Dreams Casino, and I deposited $200.00. I haven’t started playing yet; the money is in my account. Please let me know about this casino and if they are good. Any feedback on them, please.”

Googobucs then replied:

“They are part of the Virtual Group. Let this be a hard lesson learned about signing up at random casinos. If you have not taken a bonus yet, I recommend not taking one. This way, you don’t have to worry about breaking any stupid rules hidden in the fine print.

You can go ahead and play. You should wager your deposit amount at least 1 time before withdrawal, or they may deny your withdrawal for money laundering laws.

There are T&Cs at the bottom of the web page. Read them and know them. Click and read every link. Don’t break any rules. If you’re unsure, then ask the rep here, Tawni.

When you’re ready to withdraw, be prepared to send your documents and wait a minimum of 4-6 weeks to be paid. I do believe they will pay you if you don’t break any rules; they are just really slow, hoping you will reverse and lose it. Don’t take a bonus, so you can’t break any (bonus) rules.”

Now, back in 2013, Casinomeister himself wrote a very controversial thread, announcing that he was bringing Virtual Group out of the rogue pit – or hoped to – by putting them on probation. You can find his entire message here.

Naturally, many members were concerned about this, with some notable replies below:

Firstly, Casinomeister regular Nate wrote:

“The thought of the Virtual Group and any associated Casinos coming out of the pit worries me. We know of resolved complaints through CM and a few other reputable places; however, what about people who never knew places like CM existed?

Payments will be made when complaints pop up on Player Advocate Websites – to save face. I would LOVE to know how much money they have not paid, stalled, and stolen cumulatively over the years.”

Then MisterBJ came in, noting:

“With all due respect, Meister, you can’t be serious? Honestly, there are enough casinos to choose from the accredited list. I don’t think you have to keep this probation thing going.

All these casinos listed above have at least a 2-month processing time for withdrawals. Why don’t you just allow the members here to vote? And let us decide whether they should be on probation or not. I think we all know what the answer would be. I’m sorry, Bryan, but you are wrong.”

And, what forum thread would be complete without Dunnover giving us his thoughts:

“Yes, murderers and rapists often behave well for years in prison to gain parole or early release and often go on to commit more offenses. This is an extreme example, but two things confuse me:

  • Do these leopards change their spots?? I.E. Has there been a significant change of personnel/management in the meantime?
  • Secondly, with their appalling slow-pay/no-pay record, they are not meeting the accredited criteria from the word ‘go,’ so are we expected to believe this can be resolved in 30 days?

I am worried this is little more than a confidence trick; reputation had reduced revenue, and what better way, excuse my cynicism, to publicize a ‘new leaf’ on CM?”

The Casinomeister community is clearly divided on this, and those who played back at Cirrus Casino have every right to be skeptical. Only time will tell whether the casino really can change their ways.

Casino Facts

Accredited at CasinomeisterNo
JurisdictionsCuraçao Master License 365/JAZ
Is this casino certified at CasinomeisterNo
Payout time48 hrs
Reverse time48 hrs
Payout limits10000 per week
Weekend payoutsNo
Locks withdrawalsYes
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, MasterCard, Neteller, Ripple, Visa
bank check, Bank wire transfer, click2pay, Neteller, Wire Transfer

The man with the plan here at Casinomeister. Bryan Bailey has been running Casinomeister since its launch in June of 1998. He has watched the industry grow from its primeval stage to what it is now. The Meister has attended nearly 100 conferences in the past 20 years and has either been a speaker or a panel moderator for at least 60 events. He has always been an advocate of fairness and reason and is known to like German beer, a good Scotch, and astrophotography.