Paddy Power Betfair To Enhance Responsible Gambling Dynamic

Romania-based “Alpha Hub” is a partnership with local tech companies

Ironically on the heels of Tuesday’s announcement by the UK Gambling Commission of significant responsible gaming-related penalties imposed on Paddy Power Betfair (see previous InfoPowa report), the major gaming group has revealed a new initiative designed to accelerate and enhance the responsible gambling dynamic.

PPB senior technology strategy exec Rob Smith will head the project, based in the city of Cluj where PPB has technology and support resources. His wide mandate is to seek new ways to tackle responsible gambling challenges, beginning next (November) month with an exercise to assess start-up ideas and technology-related issues such as customer matching, identity verification, player retention and data analysis.

Once identified, the start-ups will receive PPB funding and resources.

Talking to Romanian business media this week, Smith explained:

“The Responsible Gambling Concept is one of our key priorities at Paddy Power Betfair, and this initiative will help us find new ways to identify and protect customers at risk. Alpha Hub is an excellent opportunity for Paddy Power Betfair to get closer to the tech startup ecosystem, and we’re looking to partner with startups that can help us solve real business challenges” Smith stated to Romanian business news sources.”