New Low Stakes Blackjack Party From Evolution Gaming

Fun, party atmosphere in newest live dealer offer

Evolution Gaming has backed up its recent release of "Bet Behind" (see previous InfoPowa reports) with the release of a new low-stakes, mass market Blackjack Party table game featuring unlimited Bet Behind.

An unlimited number of online players can 'Bet Behind' any of the players in the main seven seats at the Blackjack Party table, while players in the main seven seats can also bet behind any other seat or seats.

The TV-style dealer and presenter team keep players informed on the hottest players, bet behind opportunities and the number of players who are betting behind the players on the most successful winning streaks.

"The focus is very much on creating a party feel, having some fun and giving potentially hundreds of players the chance to 'bet behind' the hottest players while they wait for one of the main seats to become free," said Richard Hadida, chief innovation officer and co-founder of Evolution Gaming.

In addition to the game commentary and guidance provided by the dealer-presenter team, players can easily track the hottest players in the main seven seats via gold medal score indicators in the game's user interface, a company statement said.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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