New Jersey Politician Wants Tougher Licensing Regime

Avowed online gambling opponent behind new bill

New Jersey Assemblyman Ralph Caputo is known for his anti-online gambling opinions, and a recent op-ed piece in which he advocated the exclusion of Pokerstars from the New Jersey legalised online gambling market (see previous InfoPowa report).

Caputo was in the headlines again this week with his latest legislative proposal, A3894 – a bid to force online gambling operators to submit to even more stringent and public investigation before being granted a licence.

The bill has thus far achieved some traction; it has been unanimously progressed by the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and Arts Committee which has approved its provisions requiring online gambling applicants to obtain full casino licenses, a process involving intense investigation, public hearings and the permission of the state Casino Control Commission.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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