Ireland Sets 18 As Age Limit For All Gambling

Legislation due for publication this week

In a precursor to a more detailed revamp of Ireland‘s overall gambling laws, the Irish Cabinet has approved an age limit of 18 years for all gambling activity.

The Cabinet signed off on the Courts and Civil Liabilities (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill Tuesday as a forerunner to more detailed changes designed to modernise the outdated Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956.

These changes are believed to include the introduction of an independent regulatory authority for the entire gambling industry.

The gambling law revamp is long overdue, and has been the subject on political debate in Ireland for some time due to ‘complexities’ in its implementation, however the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the heads of the Bill are due to be introduced in the next Dáil session.

“This is an important issue.  It is also important the government puts in place a proper regulatory structure around gambling, both to regulate an industry from which many people get much pleasure but also one which gives rise to people becoming addicted, impoverished and unwell as a consequence. Legislation in this area is long overdue,” said Varadkar.