Greek Government Set To Reform Online Gambling Landscape (update)

Deputy Finance Minister calls for licensing process to go ahead

Speaking in the Greek parliament this week, the Deputy Finance Minister, Tryfon Alexiadis, said that the 3-year temporary online gambling licenses issued to 24 operators must come to an end and be replaced by a full regulatory and licensing system that puts money in the Treasury and raises appropriate levels of tax.

InfoPowa readers will recall that the temporary licensing regime introduced in 2012 has been the cause for acrimony, litigation and an attempted ban, and that in March last year the Greek government announced plans to issue new online gambling licenses in an effort to raise Euro 500 million a year through 5-year licenses priced at Euro 3 million each.

The publication reports that Alexiadis pointed out to lawmakers that the 24 online operators currently operating under the temporary regime have contributed minimal tax to the state coffers of around Euro 60,000 over the past three years.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa