German Operator Body Calls On Govt For License Resolution

Advises operators against taking bets on amateur football leagues

German sports betting body Deutsche Sportwettenverband (DSWV) has called on its members to stop taking wagers on amateur football leagues saying it wants to set an example in supporting sports integrity and social responsibilities in order to initiate dialogue between sport associations and regulatory bodies.

Mathias Dahms, president of the DSWV again called on legislators to end legal uncertainty regarding sports betting licenses, in limbo now for over two years.

Dahms wants to see goal-orientated consumer protection and an end to the "booming black market".

"It is with great concern that we observe a growing black market," Dahms said in a press statement. "Unfortunately it is only a logical consequence of the German licensing chaos where not only consumers and reputable suppliers suffer, but also the State…"

"Without a legally valid license our hands are tied," Dahms said. "Otherwise, we would immediately initiate legal action against illegal vendors ourselves."

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