Colossus Bets Launch Syndicates Offer

Soft-launched on operator site and set for roll-out across partner network in the next few weeks

Pool betting operator Colossus Bets has launched Colossus Syndicates, a new platform enabling users to form syndicates on Colossus Bets pools.
Once players have created a Colossus syndicate profile, they can find and join a Syndicate through either the search bar or the join now button within the syndicate tab.
Players can check the progress of the Syndicate by viewing the Syndicate in the tickets tab of the Colossus Bets site. If the Syndicate is not fully funded by the pool closing date, player's contributions are refunded to their account.
"Colossus Syndicates will allow big or small players in different territories and different currencies to join forces on a ticket into our jackpot pools," Bernard Marantelli, chief executive officer and founder of Colossus Bets, said.
"This product has attracted huge interest since going 'soft' live on our own site earlier this month with spend on doubling in the period".
Colossus Syndicates has soft-launched at with an enhanced version expected to go live with partner networks in the next few weeks.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa