Card Marking Cheating Taken To New Levels?

World Series of Poker security people may want to investigate this one

With allegations of cheating via mysteriously marked cards still reverberating around the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas last week (see previous InfoPowa reports on Moldova player Valeriu Coca), security officials may want to follow up on a Poker News story about a Dutch supplier of questionable technology.
The publication reported Tuesday that an online Dutch supplier is offering technology and specially marked cards similar to those used at WSOP which could be used by cheaters. The cards are apparently sold with contact lenses or micro-cameras that enable the cheater to see the special marks.
A spokesman for told Poker News that it can also put microchips in a Modiano WSOP deck that can be read by smartphones or key fobs. He went even further, claiming that it is possible to mark or chip any deck a customer sends in!

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa