Arjel Taking Another Run At Shared Player Pools

Will the politicians cooperate this time?

After failing to persuade French politicians that shared pools are essential to success in online poker last year and earlier this year (see previous InfoPowa reports) the French regulator ARJEL is taking another run at it, according to various online media reports.
This week ARJEL confirmed the reports that it is to seek political support to amend existing gambling laws and the dedicated market policy in order to accommodate sharing with other European nations.
It is common knowledge that the French, Italians and Spanish have all discussed this possibility.
Encouraged by its interactions with i-gaming operators, the regulator is hoping to break through on the issue following comments by the French Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron, that he is prepared to discuss the possibilities.
To further the collaboration, ARJEL is drawing up a draft of the amendments it seeks.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa