Voodoo dreams


Mar 26, 2024

Been having a nightmare with voodoo dreams for 9 days now. Deposited around 2.5k in 3 transactions after a very good February at grosvenor.

Won 6.5k at voodoo dreams and cashed out. Nothing for around 20 hours then an affordability check and source of funds check. Supplied all necessary information including official bank statements and screenshot of account summaries at other casinos. Supplied payslips. I have Supplied literally everything then they ask for 'casino certificates'. I am a G+ player at grosvenor so I was able to speak with then on the phone to request it. They were shocked voodoo dreams were requesting this as they have official bank statements which is officially in regulatory requirements. They refused to share my personal details with voodoo dreams.

Voodoo dreams now say they've escalated it to management, why? Just pay me out?

I've read other threads since on this casino. It seems they make a habit of it.

What can I do other than keep emailing?
Yeah, unfortunately it's likely that we can't help this player. Voodoo Dreams has no rep here and they are 100% "talk to the hand" when it comes to dispute arbitration. The best we can recommended for @dparker199 is to follow the casino's Dispute Policy in the Terms, which they stridently enforce.

- Max

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