Thank you 32Red


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I had an email from Pat wishing me a Merry Xmas and informing me that I had a free chip from them, Logged on, expecting a tenner or so and there were 50 bucks in my account, with no WR or other rules. THAT is how you treat players!!!

Merry Xmas to all - and especially to 32 red... I will be seeing more of you in 2012 for sure!!!


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good luck with the gift and good christmas too

about 32 red i lost a lot of money there this month and i didnt get nothing


I didnt get anything:eek2: where my xmas pressie? hehe:D

Ok, ignore that - Steve the lovely Rep on here for 32 Red gave me a nice surprise that has absolutely made my night! :)

Thanks heaps Steve :) I am sooo glad, I took everyone's advice on here and started playing 32 Red. It is getting near to the top of my list of 'favorite casinos' :D
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I didn't receive a visit from the 32Red "Santa", lol.....but I did get a generous Christmas prezzie from Pat yesterday. Thanks 32Red!!


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No Santa for me either, but Merry Christmas to all the big family of Casinomeister and our good fellows at 32red!


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Santa went RIGHT past our house, probably because we don't have a chimney, but a merry christmas to all none the less ;)


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Yep. Same here, lovely personal email from Pat sandwiched between the garbage from every other casino out there "Deposit x get 30% free" "20% cashback on your losses" "give us your money and go f**k yourself"

As I said in my response to Pat, 32RED are the stuff of legend in the casino world. At the risk of stealing someone's slogan - "Second to None" (Took me about a year to work the double meaning of that out by the way).

They just absolutely get how LONG TERM, genuine player loyalty works.

Have a good one everyone - signing off for the holidays! :thumbsup:


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yes was amazed when i also saw it had no WR..nearly withdrew my £50 but kinda figured that went against the spirit of it glad i didnt turned mine into 225

should also say thats the only freebie i got other casino has given me anything..yet..wishful thinking i guess


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Yup love 32red got $75 from Pat and was going to withdraw it but played it on Xmas Eve instead and withdrew $800! Merry Christmas! And thanks Pat and 32red!

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None here so far but im sure it arrives :cool: but writing presonal emails to members sure takes time so kudos to 32red always on top :)


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Merry christmas everyone! (here and at 32red....)

Not got any presents or santa-visits. :( But nonetheless have to sing the same praises about the guys and girls at 32red!

Always nice and helpful customer-support. And that´s not easy, at least with a customer like me... :D Sometimes they where generous, sometimes they had to be very patient. But always friendly and professional, and thats what counts most.

So, thank you 32red for a fun gambling year! :) you really gave me a good time for my 4k... :cool:

P.S.: as in the other thread, i would be really interested in knowing, what kind of play you guys give the casino... just to see, where i stand in comparison....


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No gifts for me from any casino...but I'm happy with 32Red..turned yesterday 32$ depost into 500+ I will take this like a gift:) Thanks 32Red!


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good luck with the gift and good christmas too

about 32 red i lost a lot of money there this month and i didnt get nothing
I wish I could have the oppurunity to lose a lot of money at 32Red, but I'm just an American :( Merry Christmas!


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I have been a good girl 32RED!

I have been good this year Santa baby, how about some chips for me please?....... Ok, mostly- except for the gambling,drinking and smoking.:Angel:


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i made a lot of deposit there always every month, and i won rarely, never receive chips from 32red, also on my birthday. i don't know why